Untitled motorcycles, 90 seconds is enough
Untitled motorcycles, 90 seconds is enough

What happens to people when you get that bike you've been wanting for so long? And I don't mean a motorcycle that you go to the dealership and can buy for any amount of money. I'm talking about one of those motorcycles that in the end It is not well differentiated where the machine ends and where the owner / pilot begins. One of those motorcycles that takes so much time and effort invested in it that not even selling it for all the gold in the world would you recover even a part of that investment.

The answer is this video from Untitled Motorcycles. Although what they seek is to sell the quality of their work, they manage to capture very well what a Custom motorcycle is. On the one hand, people look at you with envy because you drive something completely yours and exclusive. But on the other hand, you have become a slave to that machine that has cost you so many sacrifices. Something like if you had sold your soul to the devil to get to be the object of all eyes. But in return you can no longer ride any other motorcycle.

It's only 90 seconds, a short time, but enough to make you think about this custom motorcycle and what they bring. I'm going to the garage to see if I do an exorcism on my Lambretta before this gets bigger.

UNTITLED: BESPOKE MOTORCYCLES. 'HADES' from Darren Statman on Vimeo.

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