Japan police don't fool around
Japan police don't fool around

Yes, it is a Honda VFR400R. Do not touch, do not TOQUEEEESSS….

Of the Japan, the country of the Rising Sun I know few things: they get up before us, they are lucky enough to go to bed also before the rest, they have ancestral traditions, they are the personification of education towards others and they manufacture and design very good products.. I also knew that there are very restrictive in the use of vehicles, in terms of displacement, power and noise.

It was him four hundred paradiseSports bikes on the scale of the mythical 750 and 1000 at that time that populated the European roads, much more permissive. An amazing cycle part, a contained weight and a motor to turn up like a grinder. It does not surprise me that there are also passionate people there, but with great burns, great remedies. And you just have to see how the japanese police spend them to stop a group of motorcyclists on their r's.

This is a control and not what they do in Spain. Of course, if this were to be done in Spain, the Civil Guard itself would be denounced and the motorists would ask for damages for the damage caused to their motorcycles, even if all the rules have been passed by the keel.

Although from all the video I keep the image of the Toyota AE86 and the policeman asking the kid: let's see takumiWhere did you think you were going like this? Now you go and explain to your father why the delivery of the tofu is late. (Joke only for very freaky people like me).

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