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That motorcycle that we all long for and that brands do not make
That motorcycle that we all long for and that brands do not make

In the presentation of the Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition, Jesús commented on the idea of ​​a motorcycle with the technology and cycling of this 250 cc but with a slightly more powerful engine. Something like a Suzuki GS500E but conveniently updated and that could also be driven with the current A2 license.

Really if you take a look at the brands catalog, currently there is almost nothing that meets these conditions. Or you buy a quiet 600 and then limit it. Or you settle for 250 cc motorcycles that in some cases are too small for performance. I say this because traveling with a 250 cc is still within everyone's reach, but it is still an adventure to get on a highway / highway with a motorcycle whose maximum speed is very close to the legal limit and at the speed at which trucks travel.

What would that ideal beginner bike look like?

First you have to keep in mind that We are not looking for a performance motorcyclebut something that can be driven by someone with little experience. You should use a mechanic that is not excessively expensive to maintain. That simple to maintain engine could be a twin with a DOHC cylinder head and electronic injection. The displacement almost does not matter to us. But if we also look for the consumption not to be of an airplane, the cylinder capacity should be around 500-600 cc.

In the cyclist section we look for something that fulfills its mission without great fanfare or with thousands of combinations and adjustments that in the short term only serve to decorate. With a quality inverted fork and an adjustable pre-load shock absorber it would be enough. Tires should follow the most current trend in diameter and measurements. This way we avoid tires that are too expensive, which we remember are a part that wears out quickly and then costs a fortune to replace them.

This ideal motorcycle could be benefit from today's electronics. An ABS system would be essential for that passive safety that we all need. But with a power around 50 CV (47 CV if it is for the A2 license) it does not seem that it will need much traction control, anti wheelie or anti whatever.

A motorcycle for everything or a motorcycle for everyone?

Repairing the motorcycle

As what we are looking for is a comfortable motorcycle for daily use and that allows us to go out on the road for a trip, we discard a naked motorcycle. But we also don't mess with a fully faired motorcycle, which can be a problem when it comes to repairing in the event of a crash. The ideal could be a motorcycle with a screen or with a semi-fairing. Thus it protects the pilot and continues to leave the mechanics in view to reduce maintenance costs.

It is essential that the passenger is comfortable. Many motorcycles (a very high percentage) are ridden alone, but I am sure that many couples do not travel with us to avoid the torture that many seats on modern motorcycles entail. And by the way, we could ask that a top case or even some suitcases for luggage does not look bad. But without the motorcycle becoming a bus like some cruisers.

Now that we have the wish list for the manufacturers, we just need to translate this into Japanese, German, English and Italian to see how many we listen to in the requests. What would you add or take away from this list? But it is not good for me to ask for more horsepower or more displacement, which is not what we are looking for.

But would this sell?

Motorcycles in the garage

I wish I knew for sure that a motorcycle like that was going to sell like donuts and the brands would pay attention to me by manufacturing it. At present, the market is very polarized, on the one hand many 125cc motorcycles are sold (Scooter almost 100%) because they are practical, consume little and are affordable to some extent. On the other hand, brands bring out great super sports that we all love, that dazzle us with their features, thousands of little buttons and settings that border on witchcraft. But looking at the sales data, these bikes sell little.

What of win on Sunday to sell on Monday is almost missing because such advanced motorcycles attract the public until they wonder about the price. Perhaps it is also played with the role of the desired object that makes you buy something from that brand that wins on Sunday simply because of the brand, not because of the benefits or its technology. I don't know much about marketing to be able to discern this.

What I do believe is that more and more brands are going to both ends of the market. On the one hand, they make inexpensive utility motorcycles that sell quite well. On the other, they manufacture objects of desire that our long teeth give us, which are not sold as much as the others, but they are still there to demonstrate the power of the brands. And in between? Then in the middle nothing at all. We will have to notify them so that they can build us that motorcycle for everything and everyone.

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