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ONO versus Eurosport, the lack of agreement and the player's failures drive their clients crazy
ONO versus Eurosport, the lack of agreement and the player's failures drive their clients crazy

If you are an ONO subscriber and a motorcyclist, it is very likely that you were as hooked as we are to the World Superbike Championship or British Superbikes. Eurosport and Eurosport2 were the only two channels in our country with rights to broadcast these championships. However, September arrives and, suddenly, ONO has left you without two channels.

Why? You will ask yourself with a Mourinho tone. Well, due to the lack of agreement between the two companies. The renewal of the sports channel's contract with ONO was taking too long, in the words of Eurosport representatives, “due to ONO's lack of flexibility”. Or what I, personally, understand: "they have not wanted to pay us more." And, as a last detail, it seems that both channels will be replaced by Trace Sports, the direct competition.

The funny point of the situation is when Eurosport publishes a certain statement on its website. From the headline to the full stop, it seems that ONO is the devil and, they, the saints who are not allowed to give you their help. This, I'm sorry, has driven me out of my mind.

Eurosport and Eurosport2 have been mistreating weekend after weekend the championships they are now proud of. Not only do they not offer the Superpole of Superbikes, but on several occasions we have swallowed that, in a paid service, they do not offer live races from either SBK or BSB. On a certain occasion, women's field hockey was much more important.

Well … we have the Player

Not even that. A couple of weeks ago, at the Moscow Superbike and Supersport races, the service of Eurosport Player just stopped working, being impossible to see the evidence. Server, somewhat burned, contacted Customer Service obtaining a standard email response for these occasions such as:

We are aware of the problems, we work to solve them and we take your comments into consideration"

Eurosport Player is a payment service that at Motorpasión Moto we have never hesitated to recommend. However, for some time now we have found the same mistreatment of motor racing seen on traditional channels. It was the case of having ten alternative channels to follow ten tennis matches at the same time, but not one to follow the BSB races.

Make no mistake, Eurosport is not the motor channel, much less motorcycling. That's his cousin-brother British Eurosport, that paste an authentic bathroom in service and quality to the version of our country: bye Eurosport, hello alternate links.

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