CEV Buckler 2012: the penultimate round of the championship again in Albacete
CEV Buckler 2012: the penultimate round of the championship again in Albacete

After a long break, this weekend the Spanish Speed ​​Championship returns, the CEV Buckler, in which it will be the penultimate race of the championship. A championship that is still open in all three categories, although in Stock Extreme things are quite clear for Carmelo Morales. The fact is that the scenario is again the same as the previous appointment, the circuit of Albacete, remaining after this only the test of Valencia. So we have to be prepared, because this weekend we may already have the odd Spanish champion. Let's review the three categories.

The category of Stock Extreme, as is customary, and it is without a doubt the one that is clearest. So much so that Carmelo Morales it is up to him to celebrate the title. In fact it only needs eleven dots to be it, that is, that finishing fifth, he does not care what his competitors doTaking into account that Carmelito hasn't gotten off the podium so far this season, it doesn't seem like something very complicated, really. The only ones who still have a mathematical chance of snatching the title from him are Kyle Smith, which is doing a very good CEV and Santi Barragan. But of course there are a few more that must be counted on for the race, such as the last winner (also on this same circuit) Adrián Bonastre, Xavi Forés or Javi of Love.

CEV Moto2

On the other side of the scale is Moto2, which is the category that is tighter. Only four dots separate Jordi Torres from Roman Ramos. Jordi is now interspersing the CEV with the World Championship, and he must have an impressive tire mess, but what made this very short difference exist was undoubtedly the surprising crash on the last lap of the also last round until today. Surprise that we take all, and championship in a fist. The truth is that the season that Román is marking is very meritorious and let's not forget that he won the previous Albacete race. But it is that there are seven pilots! those who have mathematical options for the title. Thus, we must also be attentive to what they do Kenny Noyes, Alejandro Mariñelarena or Dani Rivas. The truth is that it looks like we are going to enjoy the two races that are missing in this category, and that we will not meet the champion until the last moment.

As to Moto3, Álex Márquez, who is also combining the CEV with the World Championship, has a considerable advantage of 16 points over the second classified, and except for the opening round in Jerez, he has not dropped from second place. His great rival for the title is the Italian Luca Amato, which is making a great CEV. Behind them, with some option but they are already much further away Marcos Ramírez, Francesco Bagnaia or Philipp Ottl. As usual, we will attend a great fight for sure where Alex will try to play his cards as best as possible.

CEV Moto3

As has been gloriously customary this year, we will be able to see the three races live, both on the channel Energy as in the page of Mitele.es, and it must be recognized that so far they are doing impeccable broadcasts, without placing a single ad. It is appreciated that for the first time we are having the opportunity to see our national championship without missing any details. Write down the schedules well, although they are the same as always.

  • Stock Extreme: 11.00
  • Moto2: 12.00
  • Moto3: 13.00

Well, nothing, we just have to wait for Sunday and see what these three races give us, which will surely leave us many things to tell. Remember that it is the penultimate date of this short championship and that we may have a champion to congratulate, But let's not ring the bells yet. We will see then …

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