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Antoine Meo and Christophe Nambotin new enduro world champions in E1 and E3
Antoine Meo and Christophe Nambotin new enduro world champions in E1 and E3

Christophe Nambotin (E3) and Antoine Meo (E1)

The Enduro World Championship landed in Finnish lands last weekend, more specifically in the town of Heinola, to hang the laurels from the E1 and E3 categories to Antoine meo and Christophe nambotin, with intermediate E2 still to be decided. Pierre Alexandre Renet, Cristóbal Guerrero and the incombustible Juha Salminen are the three candidates for the throne, the difference between the first and third being only 24 points with 40 still to be played in the last test in France.

E3: the versatility of Antoine Meo

Antoine meo

Antoine meo It is one of those that we usually know as a restless ass, but with talent. The Frenchman came to KTM with two world championship titles under his arm, one in E1 and the other in E2, as well as being part of the winning ISDE team in 2009 and 2010 with the French national team. This year in the small category he has shown that he knows how to go fast on any terrain and with any motorcycle, he has won the victory in eleven of the fourteen days of testing disputed this season. Words are unnecessary.

Piss on the back of his KTM 250 EXC-F On Sunday he was second behind Simone Albergoni, but on Saturday he rose with victory and with the title already under his arm in the absence of a test yet to be disputed, he commented:

E1: Christophe Nambotin, another one out of the ordinary

Christophe nambotin

Another that takes a title to the land of brioches is Christophe nambotin, who seems to have liked the change from Gas Gas to KTM. With his EXC 300 two times ha defeated in the E3 category twelve of the fourteen tests, and in those two "punctures" he was second, so we can only recognize the immaculate season What have you done. Deserved first world title for Nambotin, who had to calm his nerves to celebrate the title with a victory on the first day in Heinola, and he expressed it this way:

So if Cristobal Guerrero in E2 does not prevent Pierre Alexandre Renet, the French will make a plenary session this season by taking the titles of the three categories of the enduro world championship, because Mathias bellino has also been proclaimed winner in Enduro Junior. We will see what happens in the next appointment on October 20 and 21, to make matters worse in France.

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