Royal Enfield Bullet Cafe Racer made in india
Royal Enfield Bullet Cafe Racer made in india

This is not the first time we have talked about Royal Enfield, nor about India. But I think it is one of the first times that we can see the means of work with which one of these beautiful transformations is made. In this case, starting from a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 From the early seventies, which was in quite a bad condition and undergoing intensive disassembly and even more intensive restoration, it has come down to a bike this brilliant.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the workshop seems not even closed to the street, in fact some of the photos are taken on the sidewalk in the middle of many other motorcycles that seem to be waiting their turn at the door of the workshop. As many of the pieces were in quite poor condition and they did not have much money for restoration, many have been handmade in own workshop. For example, the tank and the seat-tail made of a metal that in the photos almost looks like copper.

If the price of this bike were in line with the hours that they say they have invested in the rebuild-transformation it would surely reach the five figures without problems. But I don't know why I get the impression that giving wax, polishing wax, it is not a philosophy that seeks the maximum economic benefitbut rather the builder's own satisfaction. And if he takes a few rupees along the way, all the better. If you want to investigate more, I recommend that you take a look at the gallery of the original website, because it is all quite detailed.

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