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Nürburgring Superbikes 2012: Hell… White-blue
Nürburgring Superbikes 2012: Hell… White-blue

Nürburgring offers the title to BMW

When the staff of the World Superbike Championship leave on Monday the facilities of the German circuit of Nurburgring there will only be two appointments left for the full stop. An exciting season in which two factories have re-emerged to mark territory. BMW and Kawasaki have consolidated their projects on the SBK grid, occupying the first and third places of the general classification respectively. Marco Melandri He is the BMW ambassador at home and the current leader but, What will you face next weekend?

SBK Nürburgring: preliminary considerations

Nurburgring Süschleife

The German route is located in the mountains near the city of Cologne, one of the engines of the country's industry and from which I highly recommend your visit. Although it is obvious and more than likely that you already know it, none of the current great championships would think of organizing the test on the route inaugurated in 1927 nicknamed Green Hell.

It was made up of two sections, the 28km north called Nordschleife, and the 7.5km south, Südschleife. The Nordschleife is currently used as a test track by major motorsport brands and is open to fans for a few months a year. What we will see on televisionIf Eurosport will let us - we will touch on this very soon - it is a modern circuit built on a section of the southern part of the former, Südschleife.

SBK Nürburgring: are we going with the greens or with BMW?

Marco Melandri BMW

A curious situation posed by the fourth round of Superbikes held in the last remodeling of the circuit. Last year Tom Sykes and the race in general lived up to the track's nickname, Green Hell. Hell because during the second race a water trunk sowed chaos. And green, because Sykes gave the first win for Kawasaki since 2006. The German fans, then, will be placed in favor of their own, the people of BMW, white-blue.

That is, mmotivation to the fullest. Marco won and took the lead thanks to the mistakes of Max Biaggi. The Corsair, although he is second in the standings, has not given the impression of being the fastest rider on the track. That honor goes to Sykes, although his career appearances have left much to be desired all season. At the Nürburgring, the three of them are going to have to fight for first place. Whatever it takes, the calendar no longer gives any respite. Our Carlos Checa already has it practically impossible, but his future depends on his roles in these last six races … which by the way, may not go through Ducati - Hallo! ich bin Carlo! -. Finally, watch out Chaz davies, who like who does not want is subscribing to the podium.

Betting to give more excitement to the championship. Eye, If you bet and get it right, we will give you… What do I know… a photon from the BSB in Cadwell Park at very high resolution ?:

First Race: * Max Biaggi * Carlos Checa * Tom Sykes

Second race: * Tom Sykes * Marco Melandri * Chaz Davies

SBK Nürburgring: glory to the great King Sofuoglu

Kenan Sofuoglu Nurburgring

The Turk takes more than one entire career out of his greatest rival for the title, Jules Cluzel. That means that Kenan Sofuoglu he can still allow himself a serious mistake, although it is not his style, to remain leader of the classification. In Germany, if the stars align, Kenan could be world champion. Sam lowes He has also come dangerously close to the position of the former Moto2 rider and just two points behind the Frenchman the BSB Supersport category champion can star in an epic comeback in the last three rounds. Bet, I'll bet on a good role of "the alternatives", that is, Fabien Foret and Broc Parkes:

  • Sam lowes
  • Kenan Sofuoglu
  • Fabien Foret

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