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Kawasaki Ninja 300: 46cc more to beat the competition
Kawasaki Ninja 300: 46cc more to beat the competition

Exactly a month ago, at Motorpasión Moto we gave you a preview of the model that had just landed in Japan as the new Kawasaki Ninja 250R. From Kawasaki Spain, some time later, we were assured that this motorcycle would not reach our country, or at least that they had no news about it. However, yesterday Kawasaki announced with great fanfare the arrival of the future new queen of the introductory displacement: the Kawasaki ninja 300.

Kawasaki Ninja 300: aesthetics and performance above average

Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs 250R Engine

Kawasaki's strategy to dominate the market in this sector has been frankly simple. If people complain because "chicha is missing", let's give them more chicha, 39cv at 11,000 laps and a torque of 27Nm specifically. The previously 249cc parallel twin now cubes a total of 296cc surpassing other models destined for the same clientele such as the Honda CBR 250R. The crankcase, oil pan and new cylinder heads together with lighter pistons, the integration of an anti-rebound clutch or the double butterfly valve accompany this propellant.

However, the engineers of the Japanese company have also worked on the comfort of the pilot reducing vibrations and heat emitted by the motor thanks to a new cooling system that diverts high temperatures towards the asphalt, away from the driver. On the other hand, the cdiamond shaped hasis and mounting the thruster on rubber mounts have greatly helped to reduce vibrations. The front and rear suspension settings have also been revised to accommodate the new features.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Front

In contact with the ground we find a wider rear rubber, a 140, and redesigned tires in honor of its great older sister, the ZZR1400. Regarding its name, you may have noticed that it loses the R, leaving aside the linguistic nonsense of recent years that has led to calling a CBR 125 “racing”.

Kawasaki, thus, deviates from that path that sought to attract the customer with lip service. Aesthetically it is undeniable that this 296cc has inherited the image of the older sisters, the ZX-6R and the ZX-10R, and, although its goal is not much less to eat the circuits, we believe that it is a good candidate to have Ninja written on its fairing.

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