What if the European ITV did not prevail?
What if the European ITV did not prevail?

I just read that the much vaunted unification of ITV in the European Union It turns out that, in addition to having a large part of the consumers and users of motor vehicles in Europe against it, it is also beginning to find objections among governments that have to ratify it. Specifically in this case I read that the Dutch government believes that the ITV is not necessary but that it is also counterproductive because it forces to increase the bureaucracy related to vehicles. As they say in Bikes in the fast lane, the measure brings more problems than solutions. Suddenly you read a piece of news out there that short-circuits what you already knew.

At the time in Motorpasión Moto we talked about the subject, and what they proposed was quite restrictive, although with some logic:

  • Obligation to pass the tests every time the vehicle suffers an accident, changes ownership or has been modified in any way.
  • Raise the periodicity of tests to more than once a year for all vehicles older than three years, increasing the regularity as the vehicle ages
  • Standardized rules throughout Europe forcing countries to abide by these restrictions.
  • Increase in price to equate motorcycles to gasoline cars.

Something that in Europe does not apply to motorcycles could suppose, as we have already said, a whole administrative effort that some governments are unwilling to undertake. Of course, this goes against the much vaunted idea that European legislation must be standardized among all the countries that make up the European Union. Hence the issue of motorcycle driving license segmentation, for example. But the fact that now one of the governments is unchecked leaves the construction of that Europe that they sold us, which was so beautiful, in a rather bad place. Of course, it is already seen to come with the economic issue that they are not going to agree or the three to agree on something that for politicians has so little importance.

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