On vacation with the motorcycle? send us your photo (fourth gallery)
On vacation with the motorcycle? send us your photo (fourth gallery)

September arrived, the return to the daily routine arrived and some surprises arrived that not by announced stop being a nuisance. But since we are not here to annoy each other, let's try remember how much fun we had this summer on our motorcycle. For this, we are now going through the fourth photo gallery that readers have sent to open a small window to the world and the places you have visited during your holidays with the motorcycle.

It is the turn of those who have been on vacation in August and have not yet classified that million long photos that you have taken while you were touring Europe, Spain or simply at the start of that hot Sunday in which you went to the most mythical mountain pass in your province to disconnect for a while and have a good time driving the motorcycle through those curves that you like so much.

So now you know, you can send those photos to [email protected] but remember do not send files larger than 1 MB or less than 650 pixels per side. Because if they are less than 650 pixels we will not be able to publish them (they are not seen) and if they are more than 1 MB our email will not admit them. Remember that the photos must be yours (for image rights) and original (not published elsewhere) as well as current. Finally, although it is not essential, it would be nice if you told us something of those photos that you send.

Below you can see the gallery of this last week of August. Many thanks to those of you who have sent us these photos. Those who don't, we can only tell you What are you waiting for?

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