Triumph Tiger Explorer XC, official data of the English maxi-trail for 2013
Triumph Tiger Explorer XC, official data of the English maxi-trail for 2013

Although Luis already gave us some information about the new Triumph Tiger Explorer XC, we are going to complete the information a little more with the official data that have been revealed in the presentation to the public that took place this past weekend in the Triumph Live, the largest concentration in the world linked to the legendary English brand.

The Triumph Tiger Explorer XC will arrive in dealerships from March 2013 Although before it will be seen with its direct competitors at the Cologne Motorcycle Show, on October 2, 2012. It is a Triumph Tiger Explorer which has been endowed with new features for expand your radius of action for all types of terrain.

Triumph has tried to give a nod down the lines to its Tiger 800 XC. Regarding the appreciable changes we can see that Triumph Tiger Explorer XC adopts two spoke rims keeping the original measurements at 19 and 17 inches respectively front and rear. The aluminum wheels with steel spokes maintain the agility of the alloy wheels of the Triumph Tiger Explorer asphalt and have the advantage of being tubelessThat is to say, goodbye to the tubes on spoke rims with all that they mean: less weight, less risk of a puncture and easier repairs.

As standard, it is equipped with accessories aimed at long journeys and increasing active and passive safety. On the one hand the Adventure hand cover to protect us against the cold and the impacts of stones, branches or insects. Also both fog lights 55W, engine fenders made of aluminum tube of 22mm section and a keel which acts as an alloy crankcase cover so as not to leave the underbody in a rut or rut.

The propellant remains unchanged with its 1,215 cc three-cylinder, 137 hp, 121 Nm of torque and final drive by cardan. It is equipped as standard with disconnectable ABS, traction control and cruise control in addition to a maintenance interval that it goes up to 15,000 kilometers, something unusual on a motorcycle.

Now we have to wait until October to see it live and from all angles.

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