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Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings begin to write their names to the MX1 and MX2 titles in Lierop (Holland)
Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings begin to write their names to the MX1 and MX2 titles in Lierop (Holland)

One more time Antonio Cairoli on MX1 and Jeffrey herlings on MX2 are awarded with total and overwhelming authority the two rounds disputed in the Lierop Grand Prix, in the sandy lands of Holland that have hosted the penultimate appointment of the Motocross World Championship 2012. With these 50 points added to his already loose accounts and in the absence of only two tests to play both exceed the number of 70 points of advantage on the second classified in their respective categories, making it crystal clear that if someone other than them wants to win the title, they will have to make pacts with a man who is red, with horns and a tail.

MX1: Antonio Cairoli walks in Holland

Antonio Cairoli Leirop

The man who makes the plaques that go on the trophies that Youthstream prepares for the Motocross World Championship should have it easy, both categories are being dominated clearly by two men who, especially in this last third of the championship, are showing off well. Antonio Cairoli in MX1 He was victorious again, winning both races on the sandy terrain of the Lierop circuit.

The Italian of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing has already won fifty-two World Cup events and yet he still allows himself the luxury of assuming the mistakes committed at the beginning of the two rounds as stated at the end of the test. In the first one, he initially accused pain in his forearms that bothered him until he began to feel better halfway through the sleeve, and in the second he suffered a hard fall in the dubbies area. But how these men are of a different kind, it became known overcome and win comfortably both sleeves.

Ken De Dycker Lierop

Ken De Dycker He was a good squire to his partner in the official KTM team and he got into the fight for the podium to subtract points from Clement Desalle. So De Dycker would sign a good weekend with a third and second place They took him to the second step of the podium, asserting the good technique that Belgians always demonstrate on loose sand, it is the daily bread in their homeland.

The third in discord was the Estonian Tanel leok who was very satisfied after visiting the podium again since the last time back in 2010. The one of Rockstar Energy Suzuki World He is not showing the consistency necessary to be at the top of the rankings due to injuries this season, but from time to time he gives us notable performances. On both sleeves Leok had to fight and go up from the ninth place coming up to fourth place in the first race, giving in to De Dycker's push, and up to third place in the second.

Tanel Leok Lierop

Bad weekend for Antonio Cairoli's pursuer in the general classification, Clement Desalle. Still recovering from injuries to his battered hand The Belgian did not want to put the title on a plate to Cairoli, so he left despite the pain to score points and prevent him from being proclaimed champion. The annoyances were noticeable and after failing in the first round and finishing fourth at the end. the pain made him yield to sixth place. In the second heat he went better, and he rolled in third place but again the annoyances were present and he fell to the seventh place ending with a final sixth.

Jonathan Barragán had a very bad weekend and left the first heat without scoring points after hitting the ground with a strong blow to the ankle when he collided with Marc De Reuver. In the second he decided to go out with a sore ankle and got a tenth place putting a note of color in a rather gray weekend.

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