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New Honda Scoopy SH125i, now with hole for integral helmet
New Honda Scoopy SH125i, now with hole for integral helmet

Sling just announced the arrival of the new Honda Scoopy SH125i which as a great novelty now has enough space under the seat to keep a full face helmet No problem. This was one of the defects that we found in this urban motorcycle when we tested it in its 300cc version and Honda has finally managed to design a scooter with a 16-inch wheel that would allow this. The Honda Scoopy SH125i therefore becomes the Honda's first scooter high wheel in offering this space.

Although here we will only get the version equipped with the new 125cc engine, a fatter version with a 150cc engine, which is usually common, for example, in Asian markets or with less rare license than ours. What does not change is that it will continue to be manufactured at the Honda facilities in Atessa, Italy.

Honda Scoopy SH125i, new engine, new chassis … new scooter

Honda Scoopy SH125i

Talking about propeller, is completely new and is called eSP (enhanced Smart Power). It incorporates low friction technology and the system already used in other models of the brand called Idle stop, which stops the engine when we are at idle (come on, a Start-Stop like the one in cars). This new engine promises a reduction in the level of consumption of up to 20%, homologous a total cost of only 2, 11 l / 100.

The chassis has been completely redesigned and we can finally stow a full face helmet under the seat. The platform is kept completely flat, which with the hook located on the shield allows us to transport more objects if necessary.

In section brakes, all models incorporate the combined braking system CBS and as an option, you can include the anti-lock brakes ABS to increase safety in low grip conditions.

Other details that we can observe in addition to a completely new line is the headlight with four lenses or the grid disappearance under this since the radiator happens to be located next to the engine instead of in the front. Lastly, the stand and side leg are offered as standard.

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