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"The Fauna" of the circuit filmed
"The Fauna" of the circuit filmed

Miguel Fk1 Track Chief

As it seems that you do not have enough with the saga of "tell me what motorcycle you have and I'll tell you who you are" and that you also liked "the fauna of the Grand Prix" we are going with a new type of characters that this time populate the days of batches, rides, track day or whatever you want to call it. When you go to a circuit to ride your motorcycle you can find everything, but there will always be someone who we can pigeonhole in one of these labels.

Fk1 output drop

Now that more than one of you will surely dare to read the magnificent Minimotard course that Alberticu has brought us to enter a circuit, or encouraged by the excellent story of Jesús Martín in the test of the Ducati 1199 Panigale S, or whatever be the reason that leads you to sting with the poison of the experience of riding on a trackWe are going to try to help you in a humorous way to distinguish the characters that you can find on the circuits of our country.

Pit line in batches

Jubilee racing

This is one of the most recent characters that I have in my memory since I have met one, in my last stint on the circuit. He will never brag about how fast he goes on the circuit or how many horses his motorcycle has, he will only tell you how old he is and how how much your back hurts with hernia. But it will overtake you, whatever you wear.

Never trust the old men who do batches on the circuit, they have more kilometers on their buttocks than all of you who are in the pits together. Also with motorcycles that were already quite an adventure to drive and on roads where the rare thing was to find asphalt in good condition, so for them a circuit is like "Paradise". Also at that stage of their life in which they have little left to try, they only find satisfaction by passing and reviewing peeps like you and me. How unsuspecting of us, we thought that it had to be done very badly, not to be able to with the jubilee. Unhappy!

Supermotard in the FK1

MacGyber motorcycle

Give him some duct tape and a few zip ties and you will be surprised what it is capable of. Its location is a child's play. You ask aloud, who can leave you any tool, utensil or screw no matter how rare it is and he will always be there with a great variety for you to choose from. In addition, you do not know what sixth sense this individual has, so that despite not knowing you at all, he is able to be so attentive to the needs that arise throughout the day on the circuit.

How did he come up with the funnel in his hand? even before unscrewing the bottle cap, without even asking. It is convenient to always have it located since it can get you out of a good hurry. He likes to go around the circuit so much, as to assemble and disassemble parts of his motorcycle and even more if he can tinker on someone else's motorcycle.

Albacete Albi Course

The shy

I have a friend who fulfills this role perfectly. He never excels in the box, he speaks calmly and slowly, the blood running through his veins at an abnormally slow pace. But on the track, you can already "throw a greyhound" that it will be impossible for you to pass him and even that you follow the wheel. Shy people usually carry a normal motorcycle that does not stand out, just like them.

The pressure of constantly rolling them into every corner to see if they make a mistake or get nervous, it doesn't work with them. You doubt if he is human or robotic since he does not express any emotion, even when the batch ends and you are going to comment with him how it went and how well he rolls, it is almost difficult for him to tell you “yes, yes, thank you”.

Straight Albacete Albi

The eternal rookie

Once a year he comes to ride on a circuit or on a driving course. In a first contact you may think that it will be an obstacle on the track since the circuit is not its element. But normally it is not like that and despite being a mobile chicane that you will overtake every few laps, neither annoying, nor annoying. He just goes about his business. In the circuit that you least expect it, you will find it and better not ask why the license plate of your motorcycle bears the name of a rental company.

The "Jubileta Racing" the "eternal rookie" does not even care. They look for more complicated "victims" that make you feel young like the next one that I present to you.

Straight of Albacete course

The guest star

We already know this character from our fauna of the Grand Prix. But unlike his performance where only his latest model equipment is exhibited and displayed. Here he talks and interacts with the other pilots. There is no doubt that his exclusive jumpsuit to match the helmet and each sticker that is placed on the fairings of his motorcycle have been meticulously studied to receive the prize for the coolest on the circuit. Now, don't think he's the fastest on the track.

When “el Jubileta Racing” or “el timido” give you a review batch after batch with great ease, then that's when will unfold a long string of excuses: "I have the wheels on the wires", "The suspension bounces bad thing", "I have not slept at all I come straight to party", "Grandma smokes", "I am deaf in one foot" etc …

Carlos Sanchon and his monkeys

The Carbonilla

Even as a nickname I have heard it in some circuit, but this character that it goes very fast on the track being one of the few who can stand up to the "Shy" and "Jubileta Racing" does not boast of it either. In fact, they are usually good people with an inordinate passion for riding on the circuit and doing it in the fastest way. His motorcycle, despite not being pristine like that of "the guest star", if only because of the intensive use that is given to it and because of the traces of past falls. Bring all the "trinkets" you can imagine to help lower seconds in each lap.

Needless to say It will give you "pal pelo" whether you want it or not. And sometimes "Moto MacGyber" and "the charcoal" can be the same person, but that you will have to find out.

Do you know any of them?

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