BMW R1200GS, we will meet the successor on October 2
BMW R1200GS, we will meet the successor on October 2

The latest photos of the new BMW R1200GS They date from a little over a year ago, but we will still have to wait almost a month for the latest version of the myth. Because on October 2, the first version of the liquid-cooled boxer twin will be presented at the Intermot show in Cologne, an engine that has been the flagship since they began manufacturing motorcycles back in 1923 but which until now was still air-cooled.

The evolution follows a certain logic, since as the anti-pollution standards become more demanding, the engines have to work much more efficiently, and for this the best thing is liquid cooling. The configuration will be more or less what we already know in the latest BMW boxers, four-valve cylinder head and DOHC distribution. Rumor has it that the power will hover around 128 hp and to improve performance, the cylinder heads have been rotated 90ยบ, with the intake and exhaust having the upper and lower part of the cylinder respectively.

For the more confused, this new engine changes, in addition to the arrangement of the cylinder head, the arrangement of the rear swingarm, which now runs on the left side instead of on the right side of the wheel, exchanging position with the exhaust. The door opens to a new revolution in BMW, as when it went from the two-valve engine to the four. Will the German brand be able to continue to reign among the Maxi Trail? We will see it this winter, that it is presented with some interesting news and with people with little money in their pockets.

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