The landscape of my favorite route is burning
The landscape of my favorite route is burning

Yesterday while I was having breakfast, I couldn't help my heart skip when I heard the news of the fire that still rages in the province of Malaga at this time. And it turns out that my favorite route is burning. All those towns that are sadly news today, I travel them regularly to enjoy one of the roads that offers the best views and more tranquility in the area. From Marbella until Coín, going by Ojén, Monda or CartamaIt is a joy to ride your motorcycle through these places.

And it is that the Sierra de Málaga is simply impressive. Just thinking about it makes me cry, because There are many memories tied to that landscape and those beautiful views from its viewpoints. It's funny, because even having it relatively close (100 km from home), I didn't know it until a friend recommended it to me about four years ago as the ideal road to go with the motorcycle. Since then it quickly became my favorite, ahead even of the much more famous one for this area that connects San Pedro de Alcántara with Ronda.

Of course, after a couple of days of fighting by everyone against an unleashed fire, they report that it is already stabilized. The damage and extent of the tragedy have not yet been quantified, but even the town of Ojén has been totally evicted. At the moment we must regret a human life and the indications suggest that it has been intentional, and indeed that I cannot understand how someone can be able to finish with such beauty without any shame or remorse. I wish the culprit the same ending as his "masterpiece." The truth is that this summer has been disastrous in terms of fires, and we have seen a large part of our country burn, with losses that will take hundreds of years to recover.

Today my favorite road is closed, but I will return to her with my motorcycle as soon as I can, although the landscape has changed so much. The truth is that right now I feel a mixture of tremendous rage and helplessness, but I encourage you that if you pass through here, take a detour along these roads that are well worth it and stop by some beautiful and hospitable towns. Too bad they have to jump to the first page for these things.

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