Mobylette four-cylinder 200 cc two-stroke, imagination to power
Mobylette four-cylinder 200 cc two-stroke, imagination to power

We don't have much more data to throw at our mouths, but the idea of combine four Mobylette engines in one And propelling one of these mopeds with it is almost as crazy as the one I brought you yesterday with the one who put a kite on his Moto-Cross bike. The advantage of today's video is that we can see this little gem in operation and the best part is that we can also hear those four cylinders roaring.

Although considering the speed that we see at the end of the video, it does not seem that the benefits are enough to go crazy. Perhaps the most dangerous thing is that the brakes and tires have not (apparently) been updated or improved. So the thing about shooting with a 200cc four-cylinder two-stroke on a narrow 2.25-inch wide wheels and 16 inches in diameter (the original measurements of a Mobylette) doesn't seem like the best idea in the world. If, in addition, the brakes are almost bicycle drums and the suspensions are the original, things get complicated.

But our Turkish friend has no qualms about getting on it and hitting the mango for fun. I wonder how long it will take to post a video of her rolling over 140 km / h on the highway without any protection. Take a look, it's worth the video. And if you turn up the volume you'll see how good those four cylinders sound.

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