BMW R12, unleash the mind of Nicolas Petit
BMW R12, unleash the mind of Nicolas Petit

How many good times will the BMW 1200RT or GS have given away, how many kilometers will these models have traveled among all their users … motorcycles that are usually loaded to the top and are often victims of the stickers that the owner has collected on their travels. But few times I have seen that they really make a radical modification, the kind that no matter how much you look at it, you do not know what model it is. That is precisely what we will see today thanks to the wonderfully mind of Nicolas Petit.

Nicolas, far from being a stranger, has therefore passed our publication on several occasions and, in addition, has appearances in media and magazines around the world. When I was browsing his website I realized the designs that had come out of his head and that, perhaps due to my bad memory, he did not remember that they were his. Big mistake. I am forced to share with you the exquisite taste of this man when shaping a motorcycle, especially in this tribute to the BMW R12. Petit pulls out of his sleeve a café racer that sensationally fuses a modern and contemporary style with the heritage of the past.

I have to admit that lately it was being quite difficult to surprise me with something, for some reason it has been a long time since the modifications that I see seem too similar to each other. Of course, it may have been for walking around these lands, but each day that passes I find the design of BMWs more beautiful, a taste well reflected in your BMW HP4. In spite of this, this model born from the fist and charcoal of Nicolas it has entered my eyes to stay inside, to the point of not hesitating to get one if the Bavarians decided to make it.

Why? Okay, obvious. But not only for its innate beauty, but for its technical characteristics. Correct me if I'm wrong but I see the more than proven BMW R1200 engine with quality inverted forks, lobed discs, spoke rims, various carbon fiber parts and a double-decker brown leather seat that could be the most comfortable. if the manufacturer so wishes. I'll keep dreaming until BMW decides to get down to business with something like that …

… Ah, for your delight, and my personal one, I add a photo gallery. Enjoy!

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