Radical Ducati RAD02 Wildcat, made in Spain, hey
Radical Ducati RAD02 Wildcat, made in Spain, hey

Long live Ducati air and oil engine!, must think the guys from Radical Ducati who are back with another of their fantastic creations in which they borrow the 1100cc demodue of a Ducati Monster 1100EVO. A tough engine setup where it is, a powertrain that has had a lot to do with increasing Ducati's reputation in terms of reliability. Granted, the one that saved the Bologna manufacturer was Massimo Bordi's desmoquattro engine in the 90's but sales were said to follow the checkered flag.

In everyday use, the Ducati water engine is something else. Despite evolutions and except for the latest advances in electronic injection that have greatly improved its feel, it is rude by nature, rude and expensive to maintain. The "usual" air and oil is friend of the long kilometers, resists the passage of time well and if you have enough hands and caution to know where it turns round and in good temperature, it can give a lot of performance and enjoyment on the circuit. The Radical Ducati are good proof of this.

Radical Ducati Wildcat

AND We are proud that they join us in our country, as the promotion video of the past Mulafest points out, in which several of Radical Ducati's creations could be seen. Thus, this RAD 02 Wildcat, "conforms" to a RAD chassis and subframe in conjunction with a swingarm from a Ducati Monster S2R 800, which, incidentally, It is a piece that has set a chair in design of motorcycle hindquarters. Numerous pieces of carbon fiber accompany this frame.

The rims are a good example of this along with the seat, dome or strap caps of the desmo system. A minimalist battery, the forks of a Ducati 749, a extreme tech shock coupled with a full set of Discacciati signature brakes make it all add up. The funny thing is the silent BMWDo you like to drive? Sorry, do you like to drive?

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