Jumping with a kite in tow
Jumping with a kite in tow

In the 1970s, people tried to imitate the feats of Evel knievel giving impossible jumps on a motorcycle or almost anything. But curiously, no one but Bobby Wills came up with joining for one of those impossible jumps. a motorcycle and a Rogallo kite. The bike does not need to explain how it works, but perhaps a Rogallo kite does need more information about what we are talking about.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, Mr. Francis Rogallo (NASA engineer) and his wife patented a flexible wing and self inflating as an alternative for the recovery of the gemini capsules of the North American space project. The system uses two flexible semi-cones joined together, and depending on its shape, this wing is capable of flying at a higher or lower speed. Despite its simplicity, the system was scrapped by NASA in favor of more conventional parachutes to retrieve the capsules. In return, amateur aeronautics won a simple and reliable design to make aviation even more accessible to people on the street.

And this is when we get to our friend Bobby wills, who had the great idea of ​​attaching one of these primitive Rogallo wings to his Moto Cross motorcycle to get a more or less comfortable jump from 301 feet in length (almost 100 meters). Below you can see the video that accredits this record from the seventies, which I do not know if it is still in force, but as those of Red Bull see it, surely there will be something like that in their next video.

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