Dani Pedrosa: "we have reached a level where you can get very little more from yourself, from the bike and from the circuit"
Dani Pedrosa: "we have reached a level where you can get very little more from yourself, from the bike and from the circuit"

Interesting some of the reflections that Dani Pedrosa has told during the interview they conducted with him before going on vacation until August. The most striking thing is his point of view on the current state of racing, something that could very well be a response to Luis's reflection from a few hours ago.

Dani Pedrosa says that they continue to have rebound problems on the bike due to the change of the front tire, but that they have had no choice but to get used to it, although it is difficult for them to be able to eliminate it between now and the end of the season. In addition, although the 1,000 are very different from the 800 of last season, they are not so much from the first MotoGP of a few years ago that cubed similar.

He also says he is happy with the season that he has been in second place in the general classification and in which he has achieved nine podiums out of ten possible, although he would have liked to get some more victory. I leave you with the full interview.

Dani pedrosa

Second in the World Cup, 23 points behind the lead after half a season. What balance do you make of these first 10 races?

Went well. We have had good results, and everything has been quite balanced. We have lacked a few more victories, so we hope to improve the number of victories in the remainder of the Championship.

In a season in which your trump card so far has been consistency, what do you think you can improve on?

The truth is that improving is very difficult, because the competition is very tight and really any detail can make a difference. We have to study all the possibilities.

There are eight races to be contested before the end of the year, what will make the difference in the second half of the Championship?

I think that in the remaining races we will follow a line very similar to the one we have now. Each test is decided by details, it is important to be as high on the podium as possible and not make mistakes.

Indianapolis, Brno, Japan, Malaysia,… On which of the remaining circuits do you look the strongest? Which ones do you like the most?

This year we are all doing very well on all the circuits, the ones we like and the ones we don't like. I think this will continue like this and it will not be the circuits that mark the sentence. You cannot fail, whoever makes the fewest mistakes will win.

Dani pedrosa

It seems that this year, one must touch perfection to qualify for victory, is this the feeling that one has?

Yes, it really is. Although in races one may think that we are not getting ahead and that we can give more, we are going to the limit of our possibilities and it is very difficult to make a difference. For this reason, on several occasions we go by train, with few overtaking, because we have reached a level where you can get very little more from yourself, from the bike and from the circuit.

What is your assessment of the behavior of your motorcycle so far? Is the rebound still the biggest problem?

The bike is going quite well. It is difficult to have it with the excellent set-up on each circuit. Obviously it could be a little better, but I think we are doing a good job. Rebound is one of the problems we have. We are trying to fix it but it is difficult. Nor are there many expectations of improvement towards the end of the season.

At Silverstone they forced you to change the tires, have the problems and lack of confidence with the new tires been solved?

It is still difficult to drive with this new tire; Obviously, with the passing of the races we have gotten used to it, but the limitations are still there.

After half a year with the 1,000cc, what assessment do you make of the change in displacement? Is there much difference from last year?

Yes there is a difference. Especially in the race, because the tires hold less and this causes the bike to move more, be more difficult to control, and to enter and exit the curves. For this reason, I think that this year there is a little more difference between the top three and the rest.

Dani pedrosa

Is this 1,000cc different from the one in the first stage?

No, they are not very different in the way of piloting them. The power is quite similar. It is clear that the bike is different, but at the level of riding the biggest change lies in the tires. The ones we used then were very different compared to now and that varies a bit.

Another novelty this season has been the coexistence with the CRT. What do you think about this change?

They are motorcycles that are still evolving and do not have, so far, great potential. We already know that their objective this year was not for them to be at the same level as MotoGP. It is an innovation that is good to have more drivers on the grid and offer more spectacle. We are going to give them time.

In Estoril you got your hundredth podium in the World Championship and in Laguna Seca your 65th in MotoGP, beating Wayne Rainey and becoming the sixth rider with the most places of honor in the premier class. Is it a motivation to reach these spectacular figures? Do you have a challenge that makes you especially excited about matching or exceeding?

It is true that I have done many podiums in MotoGP, but I have not won as many times as I would have liked. I would love to be able to achieve more victories.

Marc Márquez

A couple of weeks ago, your renewal was confirmed by the Repsol Honda Team, with Márquez as a partner, who has always cited you as his reference. Can you imagine that in your first season you would have had Doohan as a partner?

It would have been very difficult to have Doohan as a partner! I think he was such a strong rider… I don't know how it would have been to be at the same level, but I am sure we would have learned a lot and it would have made things very difficult for us.

Last year, you dedicated this mid-season break to physically recovering from the crash at Le Mans, but luckily everything has changed a lot this season. What plans do you have to take advantage of this year's summer break?

I will return to Europe, I will try to rest, regain energy and generally enjoy. Sunbathe a bit, which is always good, and rest for a few days. There will be no lack of visits to my friends and family to laugh and be happy. Then I'll go back to training.

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