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"The Fauna" of the Grand Prizes
"The Fauna" of the Grand Prizes

For almost ten years I have attended a good number of races and Grand Prix, having the privilege of making it accredited. So I can have a different vision and from within, of everything that is cooked in the competition. But another ten years I have also spent watching the races from the stands like any hobbyist. From what I can assure you that both in the paddock, on the grandstand or in the pelouse of any circuit in the world, what never changes is “the fauna"That circulates there. We are going to try to identify these characters to know what we stick to from the first minute.

GP Assen 2010

The same as in your own family you have the cousin "pesao" the uncle "pedantic" and your nephew "crazy head" also when you attend a race of a Grand Prix you will be able to see easy-to-tag hobbyists. Of course they will make you have a fun race some, and with others you will be looking forward to seeing a free place to change. Keep this in mind for the next race and if you can join the group, you will surely have a better time.

Pelousse Catalonia

The Restoration group

I do not know, if a great famine threatens us and I have not read the news, but if you run into this group you will recognize them immediately by the display of refrigerators, grocery bags and tapers that you will see next to them. I think that the race that is being contested is even less important than not forgetting the potato omelettes and the bread. Feel lucky, because if you have been close to this group you won't have to go get nailed for a sandwich with slices so thin that they are almost transparent. They will offer you food and allow you to join their group to the point that you will see yourself already in the second race asking for some tapas of Serrano ham, which "you liked a lot."

The Fanboy

We all have a favorite pilot who because of his ability, his charisma, or simply because we like him better than others, we follow him with special attention. But if you fall into a gallery of the Fan of any pilot and precisely this one is not the saint of your devotion, with a little tact you can have a great time. They are noisy, you will hardly be able to hear the motorcycles in their path, but there is also a fun atmosphere next to them. If you are a convinced Rossista in the middle of a group of Spartans it does not matter. With a little care and without going overboard, cheer up your pilot. At first they will look at you strangely but they will quickly get used to it and you will end up "stung" in a good way, arguing as if you were at the bar with that friend of yours who likes Jorge Lorenzo.

Spaniards at Assen 2010

He tempers

Give yourself up for screwed up and forgive the expression. I still remember that Jerez Grand Prix giving the sun flat out and with "the templa" next to me sweating all the alcohol from the previous night from the pores of my skin. I swear the sweat smelled like vodka. This character, like any drunkenness, vto go through different stages. It will have a funny phase, another one of exaltation of friendship, another of weight and finally it will be an authentic human dispossession that you do not even know how to stand. You can just ignore it and enjoy the race.

Assen Grandstand 2010

The one with the chainsaw

It does not matter if it is a speed race, a Freestyle test or a snail race, the fact is that there is always someone chainsaw in hand making his engine sound at full speed. If you are far away, you even find it funny and it gives atmosphere. But as long as it touches you just below the lumberjack, there will come a point where you'll be praying for a flu. The same can be applied to the one with the compressed air horn or the vuvuzela. In addition, the chainsaw is usually always accompanied by a templa, or several.

Assen 2010 Tier

The guest star

You can see and recognize this character not only in the stands of the circuit, but also the night before the race. You will recognize him because he is wearing his latest model jumpsuit in bright colors, matching boots and a case of more than 400 “lereles” on the elbow. You will find it having drinks in the pub, with the cold that it is to go naked. On race day he wears exactly the same outfit, he doesn't bother, he doesn't comment, he doesn't get excited. It just shines And it seems that he attends the MotoGP race out of curiosity about how those amateur riders will ride, who do not even reach the sole of the shoe in style. He does not last the entire race and leaves before the end.

Pelousse assen

The man "was passing by"

He does not have a motorcycle, nor has he ever been to a circuit. In fact, he does not usually follow the championship but suddenly he has found a ticket in his hands and has decided to go see "those of the motorcycles". He is happy even when the drivers go ahead on the warm-up lap. When he recognizes a pilot, he says it loud, so that we can admire his skill. It doesn't bother you either, and if you are unlucky enough to get "the guest star" on one side and the "passing by here" on the other, you're not going to chat much with your seatmates.

SBK Aragon 2011

The vindictive

He has bought the ticket since they went on sale. He has strategically studied in which seat he has to sit to be able to hang your banner. Hopefully, hopefully, it will be seen on television. If you had to sit next to him you have annoyed it, not because it bothers but because you will not see well because of the "bloody" banner. During the races he will get up sometime to place what the wind dislodged. The race is the least of it, the banner is the one that matters.

Estoril 2006

The disguised

No matter if you are in a motorcycle race, in a concert or in a demonstration, he always dresses up for these big events. Sometimes going dressed as a "green goblin" does not match anything with the event, but it is the same, he has to wear the costume. In addition there is always someone who wants to take a picture with him, which gives him the enough moral strength for the next event. He is usually a funny character so you have no problem if he has touched you.

I'm sure there are many other characters that populate the races, such as grandfather chives or the relative vase among others, but surely already have you located any of those we have described. How? That you are one of them!

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