The Yamaha team returns to work in the USA
The Yamaha team returns to work in the USA

This year Yamaha is offering us a video to celebrate the arrival of the MotoGP World Championship at the Laguna Seca circuit in California (USA). This year they did not have Kenny Roberts or Wayne Rainey as guests, but the television commentators Nick Harris and Gavin Emmett and the four drivers who race this season with the brand of tuning forks. It is curious that as the video evolves, each of these four pilots shows a bit the role they have within the World Championship itself.

While Cal crutchlow enjoy the beauty acting as a watchman (next to a beautiful umbrella), Ben spies is the one who is not very clear about what to do in the organization chart of the company. Secondly Andrea Dovizioso he has a blast doing whatever it takes, even cleaning the company toilets (along with another Monster Energy umbrella) and Jorge Lorenzo It is the boss who does not know how to do anything but eat buns, that is, with a jacket and tie. By the way, the commentators are almost as effusive as those we suffer in Spain. The best thing is when at the end the four pilots tell the employees that they want to stay there in the office and they convince them to go back to doing what they do best, ride a MotoGP to the limit.

Let's see if you're a little better at acting tonight than this. Here is the video, which is in English but does not need much translation.

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