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One of books: rare, numbered and unique editions
One of books: rare, numbered and unique editions

Today I bring you a slightly special deposit, nothing that I usually bring you closer to. Today we are going to talk about books and specifically, of the small collection that over time I have been treasuring at home. And I say hoarding because some are just that, little treasures. There is a bit of everything as the title says: books rare, specimens that are part of limited editions or numbered and even unique specimens one of which you will not be able to find an equal one in another part of the world.

BOOK 46:


Parallel to the publication of the comic in 2006 starring Valentino Rossi, "Quarantasei" or "Forty-Six", of which 3,000 copies were released in Italy in the first edition, another book called Book 46 with different copies of limited edition.

On the one hand, 46 copies which included some lithographs by Milo Manara and an IMATRA t-shirt numbered from 1 to 46 and signed by the author. Too twenty tests of the artist, numbered from I to XX and signed in addition to ten tests out of market, also numbered from I to X and of course with the author's password, which were reserved for Milo Manara and his collaborators.

Finally, the issue that concerns us. An edition of 250 copies numbered from 1 to 250 that include a lithograph also numbered with the signatures of both Milo Manara and Valentino Rossi. This book of about 80 pages shows the different tests that were made to form the final comic, with sketches, sketches, large-scale panel tests and other details.


Specifically, this book is the copy number 93 as you can see in the photo that heads the article at the bottom of the lithograph, in which the signatures of Milo Manara and Valentino Rossi are appreciated. Of course, it was mandatory to get hold of a copy of the comic "Forty-Six", so that the son could meet his Italian grandfather. In the gallery at the end you can see them together.

MotoGP & GP500 Racers:

MotoGP & GP500 Racers

The book MotoGP & GP500 Racers it is one of several books that I have in my collection brought from Japan. They are the so-called Pit Walk books in which once the season is over, they shelve with photographs even the smallest details of the Grand Prix motorcycles.

In this particular issue we can see the last 500 two-stroke bikes and the first four-stroke MotoGP they started competing. The book, in Japanese and English, brings a multitude of detailed photographs of the motorcycles, which are deprived of their elegant dresses to expose their most hidden intimacies.



From the book 99+1 We spoke when it was put on sale and for those who do not remember it is a limited edition of 999 copies in jumbo format (30, 50 cm by 42 cm, like an A3) with 100 pages including unpublished photographs of the 2010 season in which Jorge Lorenzo took the title of MotoGP World Champion.


The book that arrived on my shelf is specifically the copy 150 as you can see in the photos. The funny thing about this book is that many of the photos are texturedIn other words, they are not just photos, page after page. If you run your hand over them you will notice that some are stuck on top of the page, others have rough, satin, glossy finishes and even a couple of them look like a collage, with some part glued on top of the rest.

Ciao Sic:

Ciao Sic

Ciao Sic It is one of the simplest books that I have but the one that I keep with a greater sentimental value. We also talk about him on these same pages. Every year, Fausto Gresini publishes a book about his team and last year was the best form he had to pay a heartfelt tribute to the long-awaited Marco Simoncelli.

Ciao Sic

Page after page they can be seen magnificent unpublished photos of Marco, along with memories, anecdotes and phrases that Super Pippo said to those closest to him. Here there is no limited number, nor numbered, beyond the circulation that Fausto Gresini's team decided to put up for sale. But yet it remains a special book.

25 years of Superbike:

25 years SBK

This is the most recent issue to reach my library. So recent that I received it at the end of last week. The book of 25 Years of Superbike is a numbered edition of 600 copies that were put up for sale on the occasion of the celebration of the quarter century of the championship this year 2012.

It's a large book, weighing two kilos in which, year after year, what happened in each of the seasons is recounted, adding details of the winning rider, his motorcycle, etc. At the end there is also a compendium of the champion motorcycles that have participated in the championship. All this peppered with photographs in some impressive cases.

25 years SBK

But this book is not normal. I already told you at the beginning that some of them were unique. And this is it. It is a copy that Infront himself through Gregorio Fun & Safe onlus Association put up for auction on Ebay to raise funds directed to the city of Sant Agostino, one of the Italian cities damaged by the earthquake.

Along with this book, a Pirelli cap and a rear tire from the same brand were also auctioned, all adorned with signatures. The cap was signed by Marco Melandri, the tire by Max Biaggi and the book, for nothing more and nothing less than seven pilots, as you can see in the following photo:

25 years SBK

On the left page we can see the signatures of el toro Carlos Checa (7), John hopkins (21), Marco Melandri (33), Tom sykes (66) and Jonathan Rea (65). On the other side, two others, the pirate's Max biaggi (3) and that of Michel Fabrizio (84). Specifically, the signed copy is 524 of the 600 that were put up for sale.

Some photographs immortalize the moment each pilot stamped their signature on this book:

25 years SBK

As you may have seen, the books speak a little of everything. There are rare, there are special and there are unique. I wish I had achieved more, but unfortunately I don't have a healthy enough checking account to allow myself these quirks whenever they arise. At least, little by little I am creating a collection to inherit my son and that I hope he takes care of her at least, almost as much as I do.

And speaking of collection, you will have seen in the photos some loose motorcycle that accompanies the books. It is another of my hobbies, that when time allows me, I also dedicate my hours: make 1/12 scale models. But that is another story or rather, since we are talking about books, that is another story that perhaps, one day, we will talk.

For now, I leave you with a gallery of books that we have been naming.

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