MotoGP United States 2012: pole for Jorge Lorenzo with the fastest lap ever given
MotoGP United States 2012: pole for Jorge Lorenzo with the fastest lap ever given

Effectively, Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) just got pole in the United States Grand Prix with a stratospheric record of 1'20,554. This weather turns it into the fastest rider who has ever ridden on the Laguna Seca circuit, down 146 thousandths from the previous record achieved in 2008 by Casey Stoner on the Ducati fitted with competition tires.

Own Casey stoner (Repsol Honda Team) and Dani pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) have backed the Yamaha rider and will join him tomorrow on the front row of the grid. The Australian was less than a tenth of the Mallorcan while Dani registered a time slightly more than three tenths slower.

In the last free session, the FP3 disputed in the morning, it was conditioned by bad weather. The fog it kept the track wet most of the time and less some CRT, the rest of the pilots kept the furniture until ten minutes after the finish. Even none of the Repsol Honda riders came out of their pits, minimizing the risks of a crash.

In the classification, Jorge Lorenzo started by setting the best record when only ten minutes had been disputed, and also with a record of 1'20.899, the fastest of what had been disputed. From there, the pilots were dedicated to looking for settings for the race although the monotony disappeared twelve minutes from the end when Ben spies (Yamaha Factory Racing) crashed while ranking third on the timesheets.

Casey stoner

The stick was forceful and after being knocked out for a few moments, he went to the pits and was able to leave in the final minutes with the second bike. In the meantime, Jorge Lorenzo lowers his record and Casey Stoner put the direct, overtaking Ben Spies and ranking third.

With just over six minutes to go, Jorge Lorenzo broke the track record by seven thousandths with a record of 1'20.693. A minute before Casey Stoner pulled one of those lap out of her sleeve where you see them holding their breath as their Honda squirms, Mattia Pasini (went to the ground).

Casey Stoner's lap was very good, and with a time of 1'20.628 it seemed that he was going to take pole and regain his lost record. But not because Jorge Lorenzo started his last lap, and what a lap.

Jorge Lorenzo I was going through the first set losing just over two tenths but as he devoured meters, he did the same with the clock and the difference with respect to Casey Stoner's time. In the last quarter, and according to his statements, I risk to the maximum, cutting where you could and knocking to death. It worked and he took pole, the fourth in a row.

Today Jorge Lorenzo was not running, he was flying low …

Dani pedrosa

Reviewing the rest of the pilots, the best classified CRT has been that of Randy de Puniet (Power Electronics Aspar), just over two seconds behind Jorge Lorenzo. His teammate Aleix Espargaró has stayed almost two tenths and Colin Edwards (NGM Mobile Forward Racing), who is surely putting what his particular polo cart is missing.

The rest of the Spanish have qualified in seventh position, Alvaro Bautista with the Honda, seventeenth Toni Elijah with the Ducati replacing Héctor Barberá and twentieth Ivan silva with the BQR.

Wildcar Steve Rapp, with the Kawasaki APR of the Attack Performance team, he was last and he did not manage to enter the 107%, so if he does not re-fish the organization tomorrow he will not be able to take part in the race.

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