Leon Haslam and his war paintings
Leon Haslam and his war paintings

This post is dedicated especially to the female audience since the BMW Motorrad Motorsport driver, Leon haslam, has posed as a model to promote the upcoming race of the Superbike World Championship What will be celebrated in Silverstone letting his torso be painted as if it were his own leather suit.

The work was done by Carolyn Roper, two-time World Body Painting champion for a total of three hours and the result, as you can see in the photo, is spectacular. It practically seems that his skin was the suit's own, not missing a single detail. Subsequently, the photo session was carried out by Gary Prior, one of the UK's most famous photographers.

At the end of the session, Leon Haslam declared It had been difficult to stand for three hours without being able to see what was being drawn, but everything had made sense when Carolyn finished and she could look in the mirror since the design was impressive and not a single detail was missing. You can see the video of the work below.

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