Summer weekend stories: fire, motorcycles, batches and circuits I
Summer weekend stories: fire, motorcycles, batches and circuits I

It's six in the morning and even though the alarm clock is ringing, I had already opened my eye at least half an hour before. It's funny, getting up to fulfill obligations costs more than usual but when it comes to an idle day that is eagerly awaited, the body, or the mind, seem to respond in a different way. In my particular case, my subconscious had to be in "circuit on" mode. I eat breakfast and I recognize myself somewhat nervous, I do not know why. A day is supposed to await me when I do what I like the most, ride a motorcycle.

But I won't get rid of the tingling in my stomach until a few hours later. I mentally review all the material that I have prepared the night before so that I do not forget anything. Tools, gasoline, equipment, some food and drink that will form my trousseau for the circuit for this day. The bike has slept on top of the trailer, all you have to do is tighten the straps so that it is well secured and I can now head to the French Rousellon circuit. Lu Grand Circuit du Rousellon to be exact, a track that I have been given very good references about and that actually has three circuits in one.

Filmed Circuit du Roussellon Carlos

Until the middle of the day we ride on the long track and in the afternoon only on the small one, but first I have to go to the meeting point to share the road with my fellow riders. So, I put Luis Herreros from the “Mirrors on the Elbows” Podcast on the radio, who will accompany me almost to the border of our country with France. The guys from Racing Minimotars Pitbikes never left me alone while I was writing the Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course and this time they will not be less. But really that day work is relegated to the background, although due to professional deformation, one always tries to look at everything and everyone so I did not hesitate to start a conversation and chat for a while with whoever I was on the circuit.

Before the whole convoy leaves, there are those who realize that I travel alone in my car and offers to accompany me, a detail that I greatly appreciate. My co-driver is Carlos, one of the veterans of Racing Minimotars and he is the type of person you should let speak and learn from the experience he has. The talk goes on so long that, in a mistake, we think we have passed the highway exit but we see it right away and, after this, five minutes away, we got to the circuit. The truth is that it is quite large and I did not imagine it that way, but it is perfect.

Shot Circuit du Roussello David Maza

The asphalt is pure sandpaper and the home straight is great ending in a couple of right-hand corners with a hasty brutal braking. Actually, the track in the morning is so long that my bike with the series development is quite short. Much better in the afternoon on the short track. I still have the nerves in my stomach and only after mounting the whole "kiosk" in the box and giving the first batch do I calm down. The atmosphere in the pits in great and the joke is a blanket that completely shelters us all since we do not stop laughing all day. I have a good time on the track even though I ride alone most of the time.

I try to go fast But as a rookie, I did not reach the high pace imposed by the rest of the most struggling pilots in these races. In addition, with a touched elbow, I cannot allow myself to fall so as not to complicate a small blow and turn it into a major injury, but I still enjoy it until the break is made to go to eat. In the aftermath they tell me that my motorcycle, on top of the stand, seems to have the front wheel without air. We checked it and it is not pitted, the rubber is perfect and it is a valve problem. A boxing partner, with whom I talk for a while afterwards, take out a wrench to repair the valve, give air to the wheel and check the correct pressure of the tire.

Filmed Circuit du Roussellon David and Sergi Maza

He has an impressive display in a large van with which he travels the circuits with his wife and young son. It is David Maza, current champion of the minimotard of Catalonia and pilot of supermotard and minimotard. For a while, he explains to me his beginnings on the circuits and his point of view about racing and competition. It is not the first time that we see each other and it is possible that he does not remember me but I do remember having seen him in another shot, precisely in which I fell hurting my elbow.

In the Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course, in the sixth chapter, I recounted how I was impressed by seeing a scene in which a pilot over 60 years old suffered a very ugly accident hitting the wall of the finish line. Sitting on that wall, bruised and dejected, another pilot with at least half his age, hugged him and gave encouragement. That sensitive pilot in those tough moments It was David Maza. Therefore, although we had not crossed more than cordial greetings, I knew who he was.

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