MotoGP United States 2012: Dani Pedrosa flies in Laguna Seca
MotoGP United States 2012: Dani Pedrosa flies in Laguna Seca

They have just finished the first two free practice sessions of the MotoGP World Championship in the circuit of Dry Lagoon and in both sessions, Dani pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) has been the fastest rider, setting records below Jorge Lorenzo's pole record for 2011, although this data must be taken with a grain of salt due to the change in displacement.

Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) and Casey stoner (Repsol Honda), with very close times, finished in second and third place although more than three tenths behind Dani Pedrosa in FP2 while in FP1 he was closer in the records.

If we delve into each of the sessions, the FP1 was dominated by Jorge Lorenzo although in the last moments, Dani pedrosa he was able to lower the clock to 1'21.424, which improved the time of the Yamaha rider by 74 thousandths. Casey stoner it stayed a little further, just over four tenths.

Ben spies (Yamaha Factory Racing) was the last rider to break into the club at 1'21. Further back, the two Yamaha of the Tech 3 team separated by only 63 thousandths. The best CRT it was surprisingly that of Colin edwards (NGM Mobile Forward Racing) in eleventh position.

Dani pedrosa

Later in the FP2 Dani Pedrosa it was placed again at the top of the times table with the best time so far set in Laguna Seca, 1'21.088. Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner they stayed further, to just under four tenths and again Ben Spies placed fourth.

Andrea Dovizioso He managed to reduce the differences somewhat and incidentally, separate from Cal Crutchlow by more than two tenths. Aléix Espargaró (Power Electronics Aspar) signed the best record for CRTs.

This session was complicated in terms of falls. Alvaro Bautista went to the ground like the British Crutchlow. A couple of minutes later, it was Valentino Rossi who ended up on the ground and his motorcycle hit one of the airfence forcing him to take out Red flag in the absence of ten minutes to be able to repair it and later resume what was left of training.

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