Audi will keep the Ducati DNA, but
Audi will keep the Ducati DNA, but

At the time, the statements of the Audi bigwigs insisted a lot that Ducati will keep all its DNA intact. This despite the entry of Audi as a capitalist partner of the Italian brand. But since this summer heat softens the neurons of many of us, our friend Oberdan Bezzi has taken relatively little time to pull out of his sleeve what could be the Audi motorcycle. A Scooter with a large displacement that exudes Ducati design on all four sides. Or doesn't this sketch remind you of anything from Borgo Panigale's brand? Just in case you have the same concept below, but with Ducati's war colors.

This, which at first glance seems a product of heat, turns out to have something else behind it. Because Audi has been thinking about including a light vehicle in its range to complete the range. Secondly Ducati have long fantasized about entering the world of Scooters, but they had not just decided and they got the capital to carry out the project. So adding two plus two, the result could be this.

Ducati 849 Scootster

Of course Developing a 600 or 700 cc twin-cylinder engine suitable for a Scooter from scratch is not an easy thing. Of course, looking at the competition how it strives in this sector, it seems that the business is very succulent. Recall that it would compete with the BMW C 650, Yamaha T-Max 530 or Aprilia SRV850, but with the Audi stamp and the sportiness of Ducati it seems a more than interesting option. Would you buy it?

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