Sylvain Guintoli will continue in the Superbike World Championship, but with the Pata Racing Team
Sylvain Guintoli will continue in the Superbike World Championship, but with the Pata Racing Team

We could already see in the last appointment of the World Superbikes on Brno that Sylvain Guintoli I was not among the participating pilots, and I already commented in the previous one that it was due to the fact that his team until that moment, the Effenbert Liberty Racing, had decided not to count on him due to his poor results. But of course, if they do that with the Frenchman, which they shouldn't have done with the other members of the team, with much poorer results. And it is that we remember that Guintoli has achieved this year three podiums, including the team's first victory at the Assen circuit. Come on, the thing smells of scorch from afar.

In any case, we will never know what really happened, but what we can say from now on is that Guintoli will continue to have a place in Superbikes, now hand in hand with Pata Racing Team, that he has seen it clear when he sees that this good pilot was free. In addition, you should not have problems adapting to the motorcycle, since you will be at the controls of a Ducati 1098R, the same one he had been wearing until now. With this news, it was feared for the future of Lorenzo Zanetti, the only member of this team, but the news is round, since he will join as a partner and at no time has he been thought of as his replacement. With this panorama it is normal that Guintoli has been this satisfied:

And the thing is that here the friend will not have to wait long, and will be as he says himself in the next appointment that will be held in Silverstone. You must have breathed easy after suddenly finding yourself out of your team. On the other hand, the director of Pata Racing, Andrea Prando, He has been equally satisfied and excited about the opportunity to have Sylvain on his team:

So in the end everyone is happy. Look where, they say that when one door closes others open there, and it is clear that in the case of Sylvain Guintoli it has been fulfilled to perfection. Hopefully the joy lasts as long as possible and that there are no more shocks until the end of the season. For the moment Sylvain will be able to finish it, which is not little as the thing was presented.

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