CFMoto, medium displacement motorcycles made in China
CFMoto, medium displacement motorcycles made in China

I think we all know some of those small displacement motorcycles made in China that are sold at outrageously low prices. But very few of us know (or at least I did not know this brand) CFMoto Powersports a brand of motorcycles made in China. But they are not small displacement motorcycles, because we are facing a 650 cc motorcycle range. What around here we would call half displacement.

The two bikes in the catalog use the same engine twin-cylinder in parallel that gives 60 hp at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 56 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The feeding is by electronic injection and the cylinder head has four valves per cylinder. As you can see, these are not last-generation engines, but if we take a look at the catalog of a Japanese brand, we find motorcycles with similar characteristics.

The cycle part is nothing to write home about either, with 17 inch wheels and tires measuring 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. The suspensions correspond to a conventional front fork and a conventional rear shock absorber (it seems that without any possible adjustment). The brakes are not the latest, either, with a double disc in front and a disc behind, without specifying either diameter or type of calipers or anything else.

The faired version, which is called CFMoto 650TR declares 208 kilos dry, while the naked version, CFMoto 650NK, only declares 190 kilos dry. Both measure exactly the same wheelbase, 1,415 mm, and the same seat height, 795 mm. But from all the information available on the brand's website, it cannot be clarified whether they both use the same chassis, something that would not be surprising.

Finally, the price of these half-cylinder motorcycles made in China would be around $ 6,000, about 5,000 euros. So I don't know how competitive they could be in our market. It remains to be seen if someone is encouraged to import them to Spain.

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