On vacation with the motorcycle? send us your photo
On vacation with the motorcycle? send us your photo

From Motorpasión Moto we want to ask those of you who read us daily that, in addition to reading us, we tell how it was this summer of 2012, if you have gone out with the motorcycle on a trip or simply on the road. And for this we do not ask you to detail all the beers that you have drunk at the beach bar or the sun that you did in town at noon. As we believe that an image is worth a thousand words, we want you to send us photos of your vacation with the motorcycle.

Of course, do not even think about putting it in the middle of the beach on that woman's towel that occupies 100 square meters, or in the fountain in front of the church. We settle for a beautiful landscape, the motorcycle posing like a Hollywood star and if your partner comes out, nothing happens either. What if we ask that the photos be yours (for image rights) and original (not published elsewhere) besides current.

You can send them to [email protected] but have compassion on us and do not send files larger than 1 MB or less than 650 pixels per side. As you send material, we will publish the ones that the editors like the most.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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