Toni Elías back in MotogGP with Pramac Ducati
Toni Elías back in MotogGP with Pramac Ducati

With the tibia and fibula fracture that Héctor Barberá suffered when he put his foot badly during practice, Ducati Pramac Racing was left without its driver for, at least, the Red Bull United States Grand Prix event at the Laguna Seca circuit. At first it was thought and the CEV pilot, Kenny Noyes, was asked, taking advantage of the pull of another participant under the stars and stripes flag. However, after Toni Elijah broke his relationship with Team Aspar, he has been hired to cover the loss of the Dos Aguas rider in MotoGP.

Toni returns to the category that has always been his objective, but to which, with exceptions such as Estoril 2006, he never knew how to take the measure. Be that as it may, Toni once again has another chance on the most select grid in the world of competition on two wheels, this time, under a structure in which he was already running in 2008, the year in which she was the second best-ranked Ducati of the year, finishing 12th overall.

At Laguna Seca Toni was able to get into the top ten, being seventh, in the days when Kawasaki and Suzuki still wore their colors on the Grand Prix calendar and Marco Melandri spent more time on the ground than on his Ducati. What will your result be? Has he been too hasty, again, when he went up in the category? The first Moto2 champion returned this year to 600cc but his results have not been up to par.

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