BMW S1000RR HP4. From Germany with love
BMW S1000RR HP4. From Germany with love

To dust the Japs, but with love. It is clear that the Germans are not resting on their laurels, and after creating one of the most performance and effective motorcycles on the current market, as is becoming clear in the World Superbike Championship with Marco Melandri at the controls, they have decided to give their “basic” S1000RR a facelift by passing it through the hands of the High Performance department to create the one that seems more than solvent BMW S1000RR HP4.

If back in 2009 the Bavarians pulled out of their sleeves a product that many criticized for including an excessively Japanese product in its catalog, when it came time to measure on the track in the various championships governed by regulations such as those of SBK and Stock Extreme it was the turn to shut up mouths. To beat copper with the most competitive mechanics it was necessary attack from a more conventional front and less quirky. Now is the time for a circuit-oriented machine to be even more specific in its abilities.

As he chassis and engine remain unchanged, preserving its huge 193 hp, as well as the Sports ABS and electronic management of the engine with its four different mappings of the control unit. The improvements introduced are not few, and if finally when it goes on sale in September it is around the 20,000 euros that are rumored It will cost does not seem to me to be an expensive product at all based on the model from which it starts. We went on to list the trinkets:

  • Redesigned specific decoration and instrumentation.
  • Single-seater seat, the two-seater being optional.
  • Dynamic Damping Control, or electronic suspension regulation.
  • Launch control with 3 actuation levels.
  • Traction control with 7 levels of intervention.
  • Titanium Akrapovic exhaust.
  • Blue painted forged aluminum wheels.
  • Weight loss.

With a little luck we can tell you how this Teutonic wonder is going first hand. It looks good!.

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