Peugeot Vogue 110, economic special edition of retro line
Peugeot Vogue 110, economic special edition of retro line

There are very few brands that can boast of having 110 years of history. One of them is Peugeot, and to celebrate those 110 years in the world of motorcycles, Peugeot presents this Peugeot vogue 110. A moped that recovers the simplicity of the mopeds of the last century. And that also resurrects a moped as classic as the Peugeot 103. What does an old motorcycle look like? I think that is exactly what they are looking for.

In the reference news it is said that the 110 belongs to the number of copies of this Peugeot Vogue that are going to be put on sale in Italy. The best thing is that these 110 mopeds are going to come out at the great price of 959 euros. A discount on the price of the conventional Peugeot Vogue, which is offered on the Peugeot Scooter website for only 999 euros. No exorbitant prices for special editions.

The characteristics of this special edition are based on a decoration, because the technical data does not seem to vary. We are talking about a 41 kg moped. Uses a 49.1cc 2T cycle single cylinder engine It complies with the Euro2 regulations because it only emits 6.2 grams of carbon monoxide per 100 km. The cycle part is simple, with drum brakes, telescopic fork and two shock absorbers on the rear swingarm. The wheels are 16 inches and it uses 2.25-inch wide tires.

The performance will be very modest for what we are used to today, even for a moped. But if it takes you from point A to B without problems it is more than enough. Or at least it was when we were 14 years old.

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