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Diesel AGV Hi-Jack, motorcycle helicopter pilot helmet test
Diesel AGV Hi-Jack, motorcycle helicopter pilot helmet test

When we received the offer of a MotorpasiĆ³n Moto Drive the Diesel AGV Hi-Jack for a test run, the first thing that came to mind was the question And how do you try on a helmet? Well, you take it, you put it on and you go for a walk with it to see how it is, was the immediate response. Although something that seems that simple is not so simple to later be able to capture it here.

We are going to go through parts to explain how this helmet is. First of all, I have to remind you that it is a Jet helmet that AGV and Diesel have jointly designed. And before you tell me that being a Jet helmet is not worth it, I have to remind you that on too many occasions a Jet helmet could have prevented some of the injuries that occur in people who don't even wear a helmet like this. We are going to make good this that no matter how little your protection is, it is always something more than not wearing anything.

At the time, when the Diesel AGV Hi-Jack helmet came on the market, its line caught my attention. Because let's remember that it is very similar to the line of helmets used by military helicopter pilots. If you are one of those who likes to stand out from others with what you wear or what you drive, it could be reason more than enough to get one of these helmets. In this time I have even recommended the helmet to a friend who is now the happy owner of one of these helmets.

The package arrives and the first impressions

Diesel AGV Hi-Jack Helmet

About a week after I arranged the courier shipment of the helmet, it arrived in my hands, in a rather bulky package wrapped with brown paper, as if it were an industrial piece. Inside is the box with the brand's logos, and inside I find a large cloth bag with Diesel logos all over it. This bag replaces the classic fine fabric bag that helmets usually bring to protect them during transport and that you can then use to protect the helmet when you are not wearing it. In this case, and seeing how big it is, it could even function as a bag even to go to the beach.

I finally take off the helmet and can appreciate the quality of the materials. The shell is made of ACF fiberglass, finished in gloss and in this case with the decoration SK-Y 78. The screen that comes is transparent and has the edge covered with a rubber strip that gives it an appearance even more like sunglasses. The first impression is quite good, though the helmet is size L (59-60 cm) and I usually wear the XL because my head measures 24 inches in circumference. What happens with helmets is very similar to clothing sizes, because depending on which brands you do not fit a size L and in others that same size is huge. The first test was to see if it fit me well or if I had to return the helmet to the sender. Luckily, this size L is quite wide and the shape of the helmet leaves a lot of free space at the height of the ears, so the fit is almost perfect.

The downside is that that same perfect fit becomes a bit of a problem when you wear it with your glasses. The pads on the sides are so tight that the temples of glasses barely fit, and when they enter they are too attached to the helmet, which is quite annoying. I imagine that with the use of the helmet this adjustment will improve or else it will be necessary to do a little improvement work to prepare a gap so that the temples of the glasses pass without problems. Luckily at home they are already cured of horror, because I spent a couple of days taking off and putting on my helmet at home.

Let's go for a ride with the helmet

Diesel AGV Hi-Jack Helmet

Once I got the hang of it to put on my helmet without having to take off my glasses, the next test was to ride the bike with him. The first time I left the garage at home with my helmet on, I stumbled across another detail that I hadn't realized. As the visor is so small, if you do not wear the helmet in place, it leaves the rubber edge that protects the visor at eye level, so you can hardly see anything. Touch experiment a little more with the position of the helmet and the tape that closes it (with micrometric adjustment) so that it is perfectly located and when lowering the visor do your job.

Circulating through the city the helmet is phenomenal, because it gives you a feeling that with a full face you cannot get even with the visor open. While the traffic is moving, the ventilation at speeds of 50 or 60 km / h is perfect for these hot days. And at traffic lights, the extra of wearing your face uncovered is also appreciated. Of course, as soon as you go out onto an interurban road or get into a section of the highway, things change. Because that same feeling of freedom now becomes a feeling of being too unprotected. Even some insect ended up entangled in the beard. Another but is that the helmet starts vibrating from 100 km / h due to its shape and the wind, which is not pleasant at all, you immediately slow down to more moderate speeds.

Back in the city, we go for another test, the one on the terrace. Or rather that the helmet looks like to friends. Among those consulted there is a diversity of opinions, although the one that it is a beautiful helmet wins. Someone else said that the shape was precisely what they did not like, but in general most said that in addition to liking it, they would even buy it. The profile of these buyers is that of motorcycle users on a daily basis, who mainly move around the city and rarely go out on the road. open. With which the impressions that had taken me in the beginning are confirmed. The Diesel AGV Hi-Jack It is a helmet that in addition to having this particular style it is a perfect option for the city. Perfect for such a high percentage of users who are looking for a means of transport to go to work and who also want to dress with a certain touch of differentiation from others.

Finishes and materials

Diesel AGV Hi-Jack Helmet

We have already said that shell is made of ACF fiberglass. The interior is made of sanitizing Dri-Lex fabric, completely removable and washable. The closure uses the micrometric system which allows it to be adjusted quite well to any user. For my taste, the removable parts of the interior should use somewhat stronger brackets, because at some point they have come loose when I was going to put on my helmet. I also miss a ring on the strap or somewhere else to be able to leave the helmet hanging on the motorcycle. The quick-change system of the visor is quite effective and simple (It is made in ISV-2 anti-scratch), since by lowering it to free the edge of the helmet you can pull it and it comes out without any problem. In addition to the transparent visor two more visors are available, one smoked and one silver. But that you have to buy as a separate accessory.

The weight of the helmet is 1,100 grams (approximately) and comes with E11-22R approval. Its price in store ranges from 200 euros for the "normal" versions to 230 euros for the chrome versions.

Note: The Diesel AGV Hi-Jack helmet has been loaned by HAGAKURE - Digital PR. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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