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GIVI wears the Honda Crosstourer to never go home
GIVI wears the Honda Crosstourer to never go home

The Honda crosstourer He has a very complicated family tree. It is the last of a line that was born with the incombustible Honda Africa Twin and that later lasted the tradition with the Honda Translap. Over the years, the trail has become more and more specialized towards the asphalt, although the more adventurous have always had specific units or with accessories.

In the case of the Honda Crosstourer, GIVI has designed a whole range of accessories ranging from suitcases and trunks to protections, headlights, etc. Let's see each of these elements in detail below.

Trekker Bags for the Honda Crosstourer

GIVI and Honda Crosstourer

The first thing that strikes us when we see the Honda crosstourer are the incorporation of the suitcases Trekker, specifically the trunk GIVI TRK52N. It is a top case of 52 liter capacity in which up to two modular helmets fit. Its shapes are very square so it is possible to make the most of all its interior space.

The top case GIVI TRK52N It is made of fiberglass reinforced techno-polymer with aluminum finishes. It has accessories for personalization or loading capabilities, such as the upper luggage rack (GIVI E142) or internal bags.

On the sides we can see the GIVI TRK33N, 33 liter capacity and that they have the advantage of being able to open them from the top in order to access their interior in a much more comfortable way.

To fix both the GIVI TRK52N and the GIVI TRK33N, the corresponding specific supports. The union between these and the suitcases is made by means of the Monokey system, which facilitates the task of placing or removing them. The references of both are the following: GIVI SR1110 for the top case and GIVI PLR1110 for the separate cases. They are purchased separately.

Over-tank bag to carry everything by hand

As a complement to the previous accessories, the GIVI T491 tank bag with a total capacity of 17 liters. It is extensible and waterproof and is fixed by means of the Tanklock system thanks to the specific adapter for the Honda Crosstourer, the BF03.

As you will remember, it is a ring that is placed on the tank screws and that allows you to fix the bag by pressure and remove it by simply pulling a lever located on the side.

In case we fall, to see and to devour kilometers

The last accessories that we are going to deal with are the defenses for specific engine GIVI TN1110, which protect both the impeller and part of the side covers as well as a oversized display, the GIVI D1110ST, which is 190 mm higher and with which we will be much better protected against inclement weather.

Also thinking about the large number of hours that users will spend on the road, the Honda crosstourer can also be equipped with both S310 halogen headlights, which are anchored to the side fenders themselves and with which it will improve the lighting of the motorcycle. Its connection and disconnection is made thanks to a specific button that is located near the left handlebar grip.

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