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The Honda CRF250L is already on sale
The Honda CRF250L is already on sale

After confirming its launch in Europe last spring, the Honda CRF250L It is now available at official dealers. The new Honda trail model is designed to cope with ease in both urban and road environments, and can also make small forays on low-difficulty unpaved roads.

Her intention is to become a daily use motorcycle. To do this, an attempt has been made to reduce maintenance and fuel consumption as much as possible, all without the performance of the small 250cc engine diminishing its performance.

Honda CRF250L: engine and cycle part

Honda CRF250L

The engine that incorporates the Honda CRF250L It equips low friction technology in its 243 cm3 single cylinder, with DOHC cylinder head and liquid cooling. Declares a maximum power of 23 hp at 8,500 rpmThanks in part to the 76 x 55mm inner dimensions that allow you to stretch out the revs.

Its maximum torque is 2 2Nm at 7,000 rpm although it has been tried to maintain high torque levels throughout the rev range. The electronic power supply PGM-FI get a consumption of 3.1 l / 100 while for both the six-speed gearbox and the clutch, their possible off-road use has been taken into account and therefore they have been reinforced.

The frame of the Honda CRF250L It is made up of a double steel beam oval section made of steel while the swingarm It has been made in cast iron aluminum monoblock.

Again and thinking about off-road use, it incorporates underbody protections to safeguard the chassis and the engine from possible blows it may suffer. His weight has been tried to maintain as much as possible, announcing 144 kg with all full.

Honda CRF250L: suspensions and brakes

Honda CRF250L

The fork of the Honda CRF250L It is of Showa origin, inverted, with 43mm bars and a maximum travel of 250mm while a 240mm Pro-Link shock absorber is anchored to the rear.

The brakes They are inherited from their off-road cousins, the Honda CRF250R and Honda CRF450R. The front disc is 256mm and it is bitten by a two-piston caliper while for the rear axle another disc is used, in this case of 220 mm with a simple piston caliper.

Again his crosseras cousins ​​give him the design of the rims, in 21 and 18 inches front and rear respectively with trail style tires (front: 3.00-21 51P, rear: 120 / 80-18 62P).

Honda CRF250L

Thinking of the city, the turning angle goes up to 45 degrees handlebar. The bodywork, with a clear off-road inspiration, is very narrow and as in these, the seat extends after the fuel tank, offering a capacity of 7.7 liters, which gives it a autonomy of about 250km.

The dashboard is completely digital, highlighting the complete information it offers: speedometer, fuel level indicator, hour clock and two integrated partial kilometer counters.

To facilitate the transport of objects, in the rear part there are pivots for securing the luggage net and, in order to simplify the maintenance (The revisions are every 12,000 kilometers), through a side hatch you can access the air filter where the tool-holder bag is also housed. The price recommended sale of the Honda CRF250L It is 4.349 €.

Honda CRF250L:

  • Motor:
    • Type: Single cylinder 4-stroke, DOHC, liquid cooled
    • Displacement: 249 cm³
    • Power max. dec.: 23.11 hp (17 kW) @ 8,500 rpm
    • Torque max. dec: 22 Nm at 7,000 rpm
  • Transmission:
    • Clutch: Wet multi-disc with coil springs
    • Change: 6 speeds
    • Transmission: Chain
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: Telescopic fork (Inverted), 43mm diameter stanchions
    • Rear: Swingarm (Pro-link Suspension System), 40mm bore cylinder
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Hydraulic disc (256-mm disc / 2-piston caliper)
    • Rear: Hydraulic disc (220-mm disc / 1-piston caliper)
  • Wheels:
    • Front: Spokes (Rim size: 21 X 1, 60), tire 3, 00-21 51P
    • Rear: Spokes (Rim size: 18 X 2, 15), tire 120 / 80-18 62P
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall length: 2,195 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,445 mm
    • Seat height: 875 mm
    • Fuel tank: 7.7 liters
    • Average declared consumption: 3.1 liters
    • Curb weight: 144 kg
  • Price: 4.349 €

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