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CEV Buckler 2012: Adrián Bonastre, Román Ramos and Álex Márquez take victory in Albacete
CEV Buckler 2012: Adrián Bonastre, Román Ramos and Álex Márquez take victory in Albacete

Well, you just have to see the names of the winners so that you can sense that there has been a lot to tell in this fifth appointment of the Spanish Speed ​​Championship, the CEV Buckler, that has been disputed in the short and twisty Albacete circuit. So to sum up, we have had quite a few surprises in the form of crashes in all three categories, and although we have not seen races as contested as on other occasions, the excitement has lasted until the end. And by the way, In Stock Extreme we have seen an image of those that reconcile us with motorcycling, after seeing so much nonsense among the MotoGP riders. Now I tell you.

As you can see in the headline Adrian Bonastre has won the victory in Stock Extreme, deserved and personally wanted me to get it, Roman Ramos has done the same in Moto2, in a victory that he himself did not believe under the circumstances, while in Moto3 if the forecasts have been fulfilled and Alex Marquez He has achieved a first place that consolidates him as the leader of the category, as well as being the only one to have repeated victory this year. Now let's break down each category.

Stock Extreme: Bonastre wins, Morales keeps and Forés and Del Amor leave us a beautiful image

Adrian Bonastre

The big unknown in the Stock Extreme category was whether Carmelo Morales He was already proclaimed champion of Spain, but although he is now even closer (he is 39 points ahead of the second classified), he has not yet achieved it mathematically. He already warned on the grill that he did not see it very clearly, and that two falls suffered in training did not leave him very calm despite starting from pole. The traffic light went off and the first to get in the lead was the British Kyle Smith, making a perfect start while being hit from behind Adrian Bonastre and Xavi Forés. Quickly these last two together with Javi Del Amor, They overtook Kyle and began to distance themselves from the rest, among them Carmelo, who held in fourth position.

The turns were passing and Of Love he was placed leader, followed by his partner Bonastre and Forés, while at a certain distance Morales was, who was losing ground with Santiago Barragan which was fifth. And in those, lap number eleven arrives to witness the beautiful image I was referring to, although yes, to see it we had to attend a fall that we have all regretted, because there was a lot of emotion left from a final race that promised to be of heart attack. Forés was third and overtakes Bonastre, but he sneaks a little bit, falling down and taking Del Amor ahead, who was still leading the test. Can you imagine what we would have seen from there in MotoGP? Sanctions, declarations calling for the gallows for the opposite … the normal thing for those parts. But not here, here immediately Forés apologized to Javi from the ground, and his reaction was to give him a hug to Forés, thus nipping any controversy in the bud. They are career sets and there it should stay. Afterwards, the images of apologies from Forés and the good gestures of Del Amor continued to be repeated in the pits. A ten for both of them.

So things, Bonastre was left alone to get his first victory, while from behind Barragán caught up with Morales and overtook him. Finally, Bonastre took the victory, accompanied on the podium by Santi in second place and Carmelo in third. Behind came Kyle Smith in fourth place, Enrique Ferrer in the fifth and Alberto Lopez in the sixth, while Marcos Solorza It was the first private in the seventh.

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