Britten VTR 1000 Replica, a tribute to a genius
Britten VTR 1000 Replica, a tribute to a genius

Those colors, those bulbous and round lines, those leaks, that hairpin … I still remember how I enjoyed watching the Britten V1000 in the photographs of the magazines of the time. He was a weirdo, he was different, but with a charm beyond all doubt. A motorcycle that was ahead of its time like John Britten, its creator. A visionary from New Zealand who could well be, keeping his distance, the Steve Jobs of motorcycles because of the way he sees things.

With only 12 yearsBritten was already raising the money she could to buy go-kart engines and restore a motorcycle that fell through her hands. Mechanical engineer, Jhon travels for a while in Europe and sets up a glass furnace business that he ends up selling to dedicate himself to building apartments. Business is going well and he can do what he likes best, making motorcycles.

Britten V1000

Very Apple, begins to work in the backyard of his house to later move to specific facilities. Give birth to the V1000 with its 999 cc and two cylinders at 60 degrees It has been Britten's masterpiece. He has been and is so successful because far from the huge, high-budget manufacturers, the Australian pulled a brilliant motorcycle out of his sleeve with modesty and talent through trial and error.

Unfortunately for this sector, John Britten passes away in 1995 but there are those who want to pay tribute particular and manufactures a replica of the Britten V1000 starting from the base of a Honda VTR 1000. It is, as we say, a replica and is far from the inimitable original but has a whopping three years of work, especially to make the fiberglass bodywork. A unique tribute to a motorcycle that has even become an icon of art and design, being exhibited in various museums, among which the Guggenheim in our country stands out.

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