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Antonio Cairoli in MX1 and Jeffrey Herlings in MX2 set course for the title in Semigorje (Russia)
Antonio Cairoli in MX1 and Jeffrey Herlings in MX2 set course for the title in Semigorje (Russia)

After regaining the lead in Lithuania, Antonio Cairoli looks up at the Motocross World Championship and look straight at his goal as a current defending champion by putting dirt in between with Clement Desalle winning the two rounds disputed with the authority that we are accustomed to, ahead of the French and the Belgian Ken from Dycker.

Jeffrey herlings he just made his opponents russian steaks razed over the harsh Russian land putting nothing more and nothing less than 36 seconds in both sleeves to the second classified. Tommy Searle and Jeremy Van Horebeek nothing could be done against the Dutchman who declared after the races to feel particularly comfortable on the compact terrain of Semigorje.


MX1: Antonio Cairoli does not give anyone a choice

Antonio Cairoli, the boss of the Motocross World Championship, achieves with this his forty-ninth victory in a Grand Prix. It seems that he and his KTM they have been in a rush to recover the points lost in previous appointments. In the first round he would put himself first from the beginning to the end, winning with absolute authority without worrying the least, and in the second he would go back to place first but an error in the second round would make him fall to third position, despite the Cairoli's potential is a step above that of the others and in the seventh lap he regained second place and with four remaining to go he was placed first again ahead of Clement Desalle.

Clement Desalle, the direct rival of Antonio Cairoli, strives in each test so that the Italian does not overwhelm but it is not easy to stop him. Even so it showed quite a bit happy with second place in the Russian GP with the third and second place achieved. The second round he led it practically completely and did not hide that he would have liked to win, but he had to settle for second place after a error committed in the last lap and the strength with which Cairoli traced. Together with them on the podium again we find Ken De Dycker, a regular this season who is being more regular than ever, just what he lacked years ago. Second and third place in the two races contested, satisfied knowing that his teammate at Red Bull KTM Factory Racing is unstoppable for another year.


Jonathan Barragan, eighteenth and eighth, made valid a final ninth In the grand prix, which is not bad at all, we would already like many, but we would all like to see him much higher in the leaderboards.

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