CEV Buckler 2012: the final stretch begins in Albacete
CEV Buckler 2012: the final stretch begins in Albacete

This weekend we not only have the Superbike appointment in the Czech Republic, since our CEV Buckler arrive at Albacete circuit (the shortest on the calendar) in what is undoubtedly the final stretch of the championship. It is true that in itself there are few tests, with only seven, but this Sunday we will be able to see what happens in the fifth round, which can already bring us to the first champion of Spain of this year 2012.

I'm talking about Carmelo Morales, that is dominating with an iron fist the category of Stock Extreme, and that in Albacete you can already certify your degree. And the truth is that the drivers that we listed as favorites at the beginning of the year are faithfully meeting expectations. Thus, Carmelito is joined as leaders Jordi Torres on Moto2, and Alex Marquez on Moto3. Two pilots the latter who will have to alternate the CEV with the World Championship from now on. But as always, let's be orderly and go by parts …

Starting by Stock Extreme, where as I said, Carmelo Morales can be proclaimed champion this weekend. It will be complicated of course, since right now he has a 36-point advantage, but it does not only depend on himself. In any case, it would be very rare for this title to escape Morales with the experience he has in these struggles and with the bulky advantage mentioned. In any case, there are several pilots who aspire to spoil, or at least delay, the party for the Catalan pilot. Thus, we must take into account Kyle David Smith, that surprised us all in the first race held in Jerez, and that he has managed to stay on a regular basis, being second overall. But despite what the table says, for me they are Xavi Forés and Santiago Barragan those who are in better shape with Carmelo. Let's also not forget Javi del Amor, Adrián Bonastre or Albert Santamaría, which we also always see in the front area.

Jordi Torres

On Moto2, although with a less comfortable advantage of sixteen points, also Jordi Torres is demonstrating his hegemony and he is proving really intractable, with three consecutive victories. As we already know, Jordi will from now on have to combine CEV with the world championship, since from the next meeting in Indianapolis he will be the replacement for Toni Elías in the Mapfre Aspar Team, something of which I am sincerely happy. And is that seeing some riders who make up the world grid in Moto2, I could not understand how a rider like Torres had no place in it. Anyway, and going back to the CEV, the truth is that it has some tough competitors in Kenny noyes (who has not come down from the podium) Roman Ramos or Alejandro Mariñelarena, but honestly, I don't think this title escapes Torres either.

More disputed and crazy is the thing in Moto3, where Alex Marquez It seems that he is beginning to breathe a little in the leadership with his eleven points advantage, although in a category where we have seen four winners of four races contested not many predictions can be made. And the thing is in a handkerchief, and Álex's momentary throne wants it too Luca Amato, Francesco Bagnaia, Phillip Oettl and Marcos Ramírez. Come on, things are tight, as could be clearly seen in the Catalunya race. By the way, Márquez will also have to combine the CEV with the World Championship from now on, since this week His signing for the remainder of the season with Ambrogio Next Racing has been known.

Alex Marquez

Also once again we are lucky to be able to enjoy these three races live through Energy or Mitele.es, So we will not have an excuse to miss a single detail of everything that happens in the Albacete circuit, which will surely go a long way. And things as they are, the broadcasts are being appreciated, with zero ads in the face of the massive bombardment of advertising in the World Cup. These are the schedules:

  • Stock Extreme: 11.00
  • Moto2: 12.00
  • Moto3: 13.00

From now on, we can only do pools and speculations that can be ruined on the same Sunday, so let's get ready to enjoy these three exciting races of our CEV, which is very close to ending this year. What was said, At the moment the three leaders do not surprise anyone, but nothing can be taken for granted yet. Although yes, Carmelito is already touching him …

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