MotoGP 2013, incessant rumors that confirm nothing
MotoGP 2013, incessant rumors that confirm nothing

Although many may regret Valentino Rossi continues to be a key player in the MotoGP World Championship. Proof of this is the number of articles we are writing this 2012 season and the most he has achieved was second place in the Le Mans pool. But not a week goes by without us reading news about where the Italian rider will finish next season. A signing, yes, but that can condition a good part of the grid around him. Even if he won't win another race again, almost anything that includes the Valentino Rossi name is front-page news.

We first heard about whether Valentino would retire at the end of the current season, a little later we read that Coca Cola, through the Monster brand, which was to sponsor a Yamaha satellite team with the Italian as the star. The next thing was that Valentino could stay with Ducati thanks to the commitment offered by Audi to keep Ducati competitive. The latest news is that Phillip Morris, through Marlboro which has been a sponsor of Ducati since 2003, He could go with Valentino Rossi to a Yamaha or even Honda satellite team. Is not so much rumor exhausting?

In between, someone with the overall vision that he has Carmelo Ezpeleta stated that Valentino Rossi would have a competitive mount for 2013. On the other hand, the national press reads that Maurizio ArrivabeneAs a senior executive who "splits the cod" at Phillip Morris, he has maintained contacts with Valentino and Ezpeleta and his offer is tempting for all interested. Even Yamaha could be interested in the subject, because this way they recover a sponsor that they have not had for years and would present a “team of bells” against Repsol Honda 2013.

On the contrary, Valentino Rossi would run a risk when he returned to Yamaha, because if he wins with them he will have to assume that the bike was not as bad as he said and that it matters more than it seems. And if he does not win, he would end up agreeing with the Japanese by retaining Jorge Lorenzo at all costs against Valentino. The losers of all this would be Ducati and Audi, who could leave the world by being left without a driver or sponsor in a single movement. Of course to finish fixing it Dennis Noyes, and his well-informed sources, says on Twitter that Marlboro won't go to Yamaha. So we go back to the starting box.

Who said there is no news in summer? If with only one signing we have to make a weekly fixed section.

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