Four Stroke Fever, or the nightmare after beans
Four Stroke Fever, or the nightmare after beans

Looks like someone has gotten away with the beans. Because otherwise I can't explain this video that again brings us Roland Sands to Motorpasión Moto. This time it is not one of his creations on a motorcycle, but rather the heavy digestion of a group of friends who go out with their motorcycles for a ride, and among the things that happen to them, it should be noted that they end up kidnapped by an alien spaceship.

Of course, they all ride custom bikes by our friend Roland and they do it as the style manual says it should be done. And of course wearing a good part of the range of accessories that Roland Sands Designs has for sale. Well Bell He also participates in the video by providing some accessories. In the end it turns out that in the video what they are selling us are a series of very well presented products. But without telling us buy this or that.

If the video signed it Quentin Tarantino surely no one would be surprised. Another thing is whether or not you like the aesthetics of this video.

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