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Superbikes Czech Republic 2012: we arrived at the temple of Max Biaggi with a Marco Melandri that bites
Superbikes Czech Republic 2012: we arrived at the temple of Max Biaggi with a Marco Melandri that bites

After the three-race marathon of the MotoGP World Championship, this weekend we have a little bit of World Superbikes. And we arrived at the favorite scene of Max Biaggi, the czech circuit of Brno, where the Roman has good memories even of his time in the 500cc. It is already the ninth event of the said World Cup out of a total of fourteen, which have flown by and are already leading us to the decisive moments of the championship. In case the circuit was not enough for Max, he is having a very good and very regular year that makes him the top favorite for the title, but beware of Marco Melandri, which is in excellent shape.

And is that friend Marco, even after hearing the news that BMW will not have an official team next year, is very focused on this 2012 and the tests that remain. And it is not for less, because after getting the first victory in Superbikes for the Bavarian brand, he has taken a liking to it and has won two other races, also showing himself as the strongest driver on the grid together with Max. Come on, the thing looks like a duel of Italians totally.

However, The two Italians mentioned shared the victories in last year's Czech event, so things cannot be clearer. But of course, we are talking about the Superbike World Championship, and always, absolutely always, there is room for surprises, for emotion and for us to drop all bets at the last minute. And it is that we cannot forget pilots like ours Carlos Checa, that although he is not having the season that we all expected for the brand new champion in title, he is sure to give us more than one joy in what remains of this 2012.

Tom sykes

We must not neglect either Jonathan Rea, that without making noise, he is the third in the general classification of the championship, and that when bad luck does not prevent him, he is fighting for the top positions. Although if we have to talk about bad luck, then it all comes to mind Tom Sykes, the pilot who led the Kawasaki ZX-10R to the Superpole six times this season, but when push comes to shove, it dissolves like a sugar.

Nor am I going to forget on this occasion two of my right eyes from the championship. On the one hand, a Leon haslam It must be recognized that more was expected of him this year, and on the other, to Eugene Laverty, that we hope he has finally found the path of his Aprilia RSV4 Factory, path that seems he began to find in the second race of Aragon. And finally, you have to name the home driver, Jakub Smrz, that you will surely want to give some joy to your loved ones, although it is going to be somewhat complicated. By the way, point out that Niccoló Canepa you will not be in Brno as a result of a strange virus that has partially paralyzed your face, your replacement will be Alex Polita.

And now I go with the pools, although without risking much …

First race bet

  1. Max biaggi
  2. Carlos Checa
  3. Marco Melandri

Bet second race

  1. Marco Melandri
  2. Jonathan Rea
  3. Carlos Checa

Supersport, it's time for Sam Lowes to prove this is his year

Sam lowes

Why am I going to deny it? Yes i want that Sam lowes I won the title in the category of Supersport. And certainly, it is not at all unreasonable, since the two victories that he has achieved so far are not a bad endorsement, the last of them achieved in the Aragon event, where the other great candidate for the title, Kenan Sofuoglu, once again his head was gone. The result is that Sam is sixteen points behind Kenan, and this may be a great opportunity to reduce that advantage.

But we already know very well that these two drivers are not the only candidates for victory this Sunday. So, let's not put aside Jules Cluzel and his excellent debut season, or to Fabien Foret, who is giving everything to succeed again in this championship. These and others like Sheridan Morais, Broc Parkes or Alex Baldolini they will surely fight for the top positions as well.


  1. Sam lowes
  2. Jules Cluzel
  3. Kenan Sofuoglu

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