Kappa GKS100 and GKS101 summer gloves
Kappa GKS100 and GKS101 summer gloves

The Italian accessories brand Kappa It has just launched two new models of gloves, within its Weatherproof range, specially designed for the hot days that July is leaving us. Are the Kappa GKS100 and Kappa GKS101, made in such a way that they achieve maximum ventilation through the use of breathable fabrics.

Short gloves Kappa GKS100 They have a perforated fabric at the joints of the fingers, a place where in the event of a fall it is very difficult for us to touch it on the asphalt. Both the palm of the hand and the index and middle fingers have non-slip fabric in order to improve grip on the cuffs and handles. Both fingers and the sides are decorated with motifs in orange and the latter are also reflective in order to achieve greater visibility.

Kappa GKS101

The Kappa GKS101 They also have breathable and elastic fabric on the sides but also, looking for added safety in the event of a fall, the palm is covered with Synthetic leather. Above it again we have non-slip material, both on the back of the hand and on the index and middle fingers.

In both models, the protections have been incorporated inside the gloves seeking an aesthetic more similar to a garment. As a novelty, the velcro used for the closing is of new invoice and avoids the hassle of stay attached to other garments.

As he Kappa GKS100 As the Kappa GKS101 They are available from size XS to XL and their recommended retail price is 35, 28€ and 36, 36€ respectively.

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