Racing in Slow Motion IV, sensational short about competition
Racing in Slow Motion IV, sensational short about competition

Marco Simoncelli, Fernando Alonso, Casey Stoner, Sebastian Vettel, Ayrton Senna, Guy Martin, Marc Gené, Sebastian Loeb, Ian Hutchinson, Álvaro Bautista, Valentino Rossi… They have all found in the competition a reason to get up every day. All of them have faced their fears, their worst enemies, they have won battles and lost others. They have savored the glory and taken drinks of the bitterest defeat. They have put their lives at the mercy of an obsession: to run. Do it faster and faster; demanding the maximum. Beating increasingly tough rivals; overcoming when all seems lost.

Misunderstood. Neither they nor anyone else has ever been able to explain why they do it. They ask them if it is worth it, if they are not afraid to put their life on the line, if they have ever thought about leaving it and taking life more calmly, taking care of their loved ones. To your questions, the only answers have been smiles, drawn when they realize that it is impossible to answer.

To all of them, to those who do not understand, I would like to throw another one: why not?. But before hearing a sentimental monologue, I would ask you to pay attention to the following video. More of a quarter of an hour of reasons, of emotions, of adrenaline, of passion and dedication pleasantly incomprehensible. A journey through the competition in all its variants. Answer now.

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