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Lambretta LN 125, test (highway driving and passenger)
Lambretta LN 125, test (highway driving and passenger)

After having observed on the road that the maximum speed of the Lambretta LN 125 It was around 90 km / h, I entered the highway with the total confidence that it would hardly be hunted by radar. The instructions were simple: full throttle and see how it behaved in the curves at high speed as well as assess its aerodynamic protection.

Just like on the road, the simplicity of its part of the cycle takes its toll when we are driving at maximum speed. The good news is that on the highway, the cornering radius is wide enough not to put it in serious trouble. We must be careful with the asphalt expansion joints and grooves that we find since it can make our trajectory meander more than we think.

Lambretta LN 125

In the section of the aerodynamic protection, this is correct. At that speed it is not that the air that hits our chest or helmet is too strong, so we can maintain cruises at maximum speed without suffering fatigue from it. And as we said yesterday, the seat is comfortable enough to travel several dozen kilometers without our rear end suffering.

Although the perceptions on the highway have been short and very similar to those we had on the road, let's now talk about the passenger, where there is more fabric to cut.

Lambretta LN 125: my passenger never loved me so much

Lambretta LN 125

I remember a photo that my regular passenger keeps like gold on a cloth. It is old, from the early 60s and in it you can see a gourd, as we say around here, who is hardly able to make his eyes protrude above the headlight of a Lambretta. I'm sure when I showed up with the Lambretta LN 125 In front of his house, these memories returned to his mind, and with them, a part of the thug that all lovers of two wheels carry inside.

After this little digression, let's get down to business. Why do I say that a passenger never loved me so much? It is not because of the anecdote that I just told you but because, leaving the traffic lights, Either you hold on tight to the pilot or you will end up sitting in the middle of the asphalt how you careless.

Lambretta LN 125

We commented that in the Lambretta LN 125 premium acceleration on other benefits, and this combined with a flat seat, a soft suspension and the absence of handles can cause the occasional scare in the rear. The seat is comfortable if a little sparse for two medium-sized people. Although we value trying it, we did not think it would be convenient for him to sit sideways instead of straddling. Overall, neither of us was wearing a skirt …

Once underway and at sustained speed, the position is comfortable although we found several flaws that make life on board a little more uncomfortable. To get started, the footpegs tend to fold very easily. They do not have the typical retention click that we are all used to noticing and therefore, if we drag our feet back over it, we run the risk of folding it again. The worst of all is that to deploy it again, we will have to stop as it is necessary to press hard on its front.

Lambretta LN 125

The second drawback is the height of the footrests themselves. They are located on the sides of the platform, in a location too low for what we are used to. The Lambretta LN 125 does not allow scandalous tumbles, but on a curve in which we leaned a lot, the passenger did not notice that his heels were too low and ended up leaving half a boot on the asphalt.

The good thing is that with it we beat our previous record which had consisted of brushing, in two, with the manifold of a KTM 990 Superduke. But we did not believe that a few years later, we would be able to brush the passenger's feet in another curve. If these Lambrettas are going like crazy …

We had left in the inkwell the services with two people: the maximum speed is somewhat impaired, moving without problems between 60 and 70 km / h but without forgetting that the test unit had few kilometers and once the filming is finished, it will improve these figures.

Tomorrow Friday, we will conclude with this test. There will be video, as is customary, and we will analyze its load capacity, consumption, price and technical data with its pros and cons. But also, a little later, there will also be a bonus track, or rather, a bonus post so I invite you to stay very attentive.

To be continue…

We appreciate the collaboration of the Peggy Sue’s Gijón Restaurant in taking the photos.

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