Superbikes 2013: BMW reduces its participation to a satellite team
Superbikes 2013: BMW reduces its participation to a satellite team

BMW Motorrad has announced that for the 2013 season of the World Superbikes there will only be one satellite teamA team that will have the help of the factory, but that will not be official like the current one. The role of this satellite team will fall on BMW Italia, which already helped the German brand in its arrival at the world championship back in 2009.

After this news there is already who says that Marco Melandri He is the "exterminator" of World Superbike teams. Because the Italian rider had a contract when Kawasaki left the MotoGP World Championship. Then he spent a year with the SBK Yamaha team, just the last year that the Japanese brand participated in that world championship. And now that it seems that things were getting on the right track in the team BMW Motorrad announce closing for next year.

Although the only one of the four riders currently participating in the World Superbike on a BMW is precisely the Italian rider. Your partner Leon haslam and the drivers of the BMW Italia, Michel Fabrizio and Ayrton Badovini end contract this season. On the other hand, it seems that Carlos Checa has expressed his interest in riding one of these German bikes next year instead of the Ducati. So for next year we could see Carlos sharing box with Marco.

What nobody says (of those who rule in BMW) is that This restructuring could hide BMW's commitment to the 2013 MotoGP World Championship. A World Championship that needs practically all the resources of any brand that wants to get involved and can still end in a fiasco like the one Ducati is having today. Because let's remember that the Italian brand also declined participation in the Superbike World Championship in order to concentrate all its potential in MotoGP. We'll see how this all ends.

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